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Economic and policy issues

Study Period 2013

Results:22 total items.
Contributions  Documents / Contributions
Received Source Title Questions
[ 23 ]  
2014-04-02 Global Settlements Operator Group   Wholesale Invoicing Checklist     Q2/3  
[ 22 ]  
2013-05-16 Mongolia   The case of mobile roaming in Mongolia and the need for guidance for users of IMR services     Q2/3  
[ 21 ]  
2013-05-15 Guinea   Focus on the Internet market in Guinea     Q4/3  
[ 19 ]  
2013-05-15 Central African Rep.   Interconnection environment Interconnection environment Environnement règlementaire de l'interconnection en RCA et Recommendations Environnement règlementaire de l'interconnection en RCA et Recommendations     Q4/3  
[ 18 ]  
2013-05-15 Telecom Italia, , Deutsche Telecom , Orange , Türk Telekom   New issues to be studied at SG 3     QAll/3  
[ 17 ]  
2013-05-13 Guinea   Incumbent telecommunication operators in the countries of sub-Saharan Africa: repeated restructuring and incongruous privatization The case of Sotelgui (Guinea) Le cas de la Sotelgui (Guinée)     Q4/3  
[ 16 ]  
2013-05-13 Oman   LRIC Mark-up Mechanism: Inclusion of Non-Network Costs as Adopted by TRA-Oman     Q4/3  
[ 15 ]  
2013-05-09 Korea (Rep. of)   Proposal: Content Delivery Network (CDN) as a topic to highlight in Recommendation ITU-T D.271 on charging and accounting principles for NGN     Q1/3  
[ 14 ]  
2013-05-09 Korea (Rep. of)   A proposal on the study of practical approaches for 'Regulatory Intervention' of Recommendation ITU-T D.98     Q2/3  
[ 13 ]  
2013-05-09 Korea (Rep. of)   A proposal on elaborating 'Empowering Consumers' in Recommendation ITU-T D.98 on charging in international mobile roaming service     Q2/3  
[ 12 ]  
2013-05-09 Korea (Rep. of)   Future work for study period 2013-2016, namely related to Recommendation ITU-T D.271 on NGN charging and accounting     Q1/3  
[ 11 ]  
2013-05-09 Korea (Rep. of)   An overview of the future work of international standardization bodies for updating Recommendation ITU-T D.271     Q1/3  
[ 10 ]  
2013-05-09 Korea (Rep. of)   A comparative study of NGN and other industry standard protocols implemented by telecommunications vendor/manufacturers that impact Recommendation ITU-T D.271     Q1/3  
[ 9 ]  
2013-05-08 United States   Study of the Use of Commercial Agreements for the Interconnection of International Telecommunications Services     Q2/3  
[ 8 ]  
2013-05-08 Egypt , National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA)   Studying the implementation of SG3 mandates in WTSA-12 Resolution 64 (Dubai, 2012): IP address allocation and facilitating the transition to and deployment of IPv6"     Q1/3  
[ 7 ]  
2013-05-08 Egypt , National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA)   Studying the economic Impact of call-back, refiling and inappropriate hubbing and other forms of alternative calling procedures, as well as origin non-identification or spoofing     Q3/3  
[ 6 ]  
2013-05-08 Egypt , National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA)   SG3 Regional Group in the Arab Region     QAll/3  
[ 5 ]  
2013-05-07 Russian Federation   Proposals for the Draft Supplement to Recommendation ITU-T D.98     Q2/3  
[ 4 ]  
2013-04-03 Cameroun   Implementation of Recommendation ITU-T D.50     Q1/3  
[ 3 ]  
2013-03-28 Russian Federation   List of international telecommunication services     Q5/3, Q3/3  
[ 2 ]  
2013-03-28 Burundi   Study of economic and political factors relating to the effective provision of international telecommunication services: "Case of Burundi"     Q4/3  
[ 1 ]  
2013-03-05 World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA-12)   Questions assigned to ITU-T Study Group 3 by WTSA-12     QAll/3  
Results:22 total items.
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