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ITU-R WP3M  TD (2014-09-02) 


Point-to-point and Earth-space propagation

Meeting  from 2014-09-02 to 2014-09-10

held in Switzerland [Geneva]

Results:24 total items.
Temporary Documents  Documents / Contributions
Received Source Title
[ 72 ]  
2014-09-09 WP 3M   Preliminary draft revision to Recommendation ITU-R P.311-14 - Acquisition, presentation and analysis of data in studies of radiowave propagation    
[ 71 ]  
2014-09-09 WP 3M   Preliminary draft addition to SG3 Databanks - Part II: Earth-space path data - Table II-11: Slant path standard deviations of differential path length    
[ 70 ]  
2014-09-09 WP 3M   Annex XX to Working Party 3M Chairman's Report - Review of formatted tables for submission of measurements to Study Group 3    
[ 69 ]  
2014-09-09 WP 3M (SWG 3M-3)   Draft proposed modifications of Recommendation ITU-R P.452-15    
[ 68 ]  
2014-09-09 WP 3M (SWG 3M-3)   Working document toward a preliminary draft revision of Recommendation ITU-R P.619-1 - Propagation data required for the evaluation of interference between stations in space and those on the surface of the Earth    
[ 67 ]  
2014-09-09 WP 3M (SWG 3M-1)   Working document towards a revision of Recommendation ITU-R P.2001-1    
[ 66 ]  
2014-09-09 WP 3M   Annex XX to WP 3M Chairman's Report - Recommendation ITU-R P.618-10 - Proposed revision and future work    
[ 65 ]  
2014-09-09 WP 3M   New fascicle for the predicion method of the probability of rain attenuation proposed in Recommendation ITU-R P.618    
[ 64 ]  
2014-09-09 WP 3M   Proposed revision of Annex 2 of Recommendation ITU-R P.618-11    
[ 63 ]  
2014-09-09 WP 3M   Example application of the Recommendation ITU-R P.2041 prediction methods    
[ 62 ]  
2014-09-09 WPs 3J, 3K and 3M   Reply liaison statement to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI WG ATTM/TM4): Clarification of calculations to be used for nlos links planning    
[ 61 ]  
2014-09-09 WP 3M   Discussion on the ice depolarization Prediction Method in Recommendation ITU-R P.618-11    
[ 60 ]  
2014-09-09 WP 3M   Working document about characterization and modelling of phase scintillation - Application of atmospheric path length standard deviation statistics for ground-based antenna array performance predictions    
[ 59 ]  
2014-09-09 WPs 3J, 3K and 3M   Report of Joint Sub-Working Group 3K-3J-3M - Building loss and IMT above 6 GHz    
[ 58 ]  
2014-09-09 WPs 3J, 3K and 3M   Draft liaison statement to Working Party 5D - Propagation related matters regarding the technical feasibility of IMT in the bands above 6 GHz    
[ 57 ]  
2014-09-09 WP 3M   Annex XXX to Working Party 3M Chairman's Report - Working Document toward preliminary draft revisions of Recommendation ITU-R P.681 - Propagation data required for the design of Earth-space land mobile telecommunication systems    
[ 56 ]  
2014-09-09 WPs 3J, 3K and 3M   Draft liaison response to Working Party 5D - Sharing studies at 3 400- 3 600 MHz - Advance on building loss    
[ 55 ]  
2014-09-09 WPs 3J, 3K and 3M   Working document towards a new Report ITU-R P.[BUILDING LOSS MEASUREMENTS] - Empirical data on building entry loss    
[ 54 ]  
2014-09-09 WPs 3J, 3K and 3M   Proposed revision of Recommendations ITU-R P.2040, ITU-R P.679-3, ITU-R P1238-7, ITU-R P.1406-1 and ITU-R P.1411-7    
[ 53 ]  
2014-09-08 WP 3M   Proposed modifications to Recommendation ITU-R P.530-15 - Propagation data and prediction methods required for the design of terrestrial line-of-sight systems    
[ 52 ]  
2014-09-08 WPs 3K and 3M   Liaison statement to Working Party 4B - Guidance on the application of propagation Recommendations to unmanned aircraft systems (WRC-15 agenda item 1.5)    
[ 51 ]  
2014-09-08 WP 3M (SWG 3M-1)   The correction of the editorial errors about Y(90) in Recommendation ITU-R P.617-3    
[ 50 ]  
2014-09-08 WP 3M   Annex XXX to WP 3M Chairman's Report - Revision of Recommendation ITU-R P.1621    
[ 49 ]  
2014-09-08 WPs 3J, 3K and 3M   Liaison statement to Working Party 5C - Response to Working Party 5C regarding propagation models for planning and interference assessment involving fixed service links in bands above 50 GHz    
Results:24 total items.
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