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ITU Workshop on Interconnection

Hainan, China, 17-19 August 2001


Day One - 17 August 2001


Opening Remarks:·(PDF, Word)

  • Mr.Su, Jing Sheng, DG, MII, China

  • Dr. M.Calvano, ITU



Global Trends in Policy & Regulatory Issues· (PDF, Ppt)

  • Dr. E.J. Kim, ITU


Role or regulators in Interconnection (PDF, Ppt)

  • Mr.K.S.Wong, HK/China


Pricing principles and practices for Service Providers in a competitive information industry environment with pro-competition regulation (Patrick Xavier) (PDF) (PowerPoint)



An overview of Interconnection worldwide: What's at stake and who decides? (PDF, Ppt)

  •  Dr. T.Kelly, ITU



Regulations & procedures of interconnection

  • Establishment of interconnection agreements (e.g., contents including POI & signaling, planning & forecast, traffic measurement & routing, billing, QoS, termination etc.)

  • Key theories and models of the cost-determination on the interconnection of the local networks (e.g., fully allocated cost, long-run incremental cost)

  • Negotiation of interconnection arrangements or agreements (PDF, Ppt)

    • Mr.D.N.Townsend, ITU Expert (USA)

Day Two – 18 August 2001


Economic & financial terms of interconnection

  • Settlement or resolution of disputes

  • Specific interconnection costs and bases for calculation (e.g., start-up, interconnection links etc.)

  • Level and structure of interconnection charges (e.g., fixed & variable, peak & off-peak, unbundled, universal service & ADC, Internet charges etc.)

  • Unbundling of interconnection charges for different network components and services

  • Any other economic & financial issues·(PDF, Ppt)

    •  Mr. D.N.Townsend, ITU Expert (USA)* - *Academic aspects of interconnection issues

  • Economic & financial aspects of fixed-2-mobile interconnection (PDF, Ppt

    • Dr. T.Kelly, ITU
  • Key practices of the cost-determination in interconnection
  • Resale of network facilities and services
  • Case studies of current interconnect rates between fixed and mobile networks
  • Any other related issues (PDF, Word)
  • Mr.T. Jordan, ITU Expert (Australia)* - * Operational & practical aspects of interconnection issues

Day Three – 19 August 2001


International interconnection issues (PDF, Ppt)

  •  Dr. T. Kelly, ITU



Technical & operational aspects of interconnection

  • Operational aspects of fixed-2-fixed and fixed-2-mobile interconnection

  • Open network standards and technical compatibility

  • Points of interconnection

  • Access to unbundled networks

  • Local loop unbundling

  • Sharing infrastructure and collocation

  • Equal access

  • Quality of services to interconnecting operators (PDF, Ppt)

    • Mr. T.Jordan, ITU Expert (Australia)


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