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World Telecommunication Development Conference 2002  

The logo of WTDC-02, which is inspired by a traditional Turkish faience, is a stylized representation of three essential aspects of the event:
Telecommunications, as represented by an interwoven network formed by overlapping hexagonal cells, and by the spatial aspect of the motif, conveyed by means of a shadow effect;
Development, as symbolized by the network's multidirectional expansion at all the outer points around the logo;
The international aspect of the event, with the near-spherical logo expressing global coverage and the ITU emblem hovering above the network as a satellite accompanying its evolution.
Red, the colour of the Turkish flag, and the logo's typeface, expresses the dynamism, the speed and the ever-evolving face of telecommunications.

The Second World Telecommunication Development Conference took place in Valletta, Malta, in 1998. The Conference reviewed the progress made worldwide over the previous four-year period, including the developments in the Global Information Society. It also examined and evaluated the implementation of the Buenos Aires Action Plan, approved recommendations prepared by the ITU-D Study Groups and adopted the Valetta Action Plan.

The Third World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC-02) was held at Lütfi Kirdar Convention and Exhibition Centre in Istanbul, Turkey from 18-27 March 2002 and established work programs and guidelines, defined ICT development questions and priorities in view of the high-level recognition of the digital divide created by the rapid and pervasive expansion of ICTs.

WTDC-02 determined the objectives and strategies for the balanced worldwide and regional development of telecommunications, giving particular consideration to the expansion and modernization of the networks and services of the developing countries as well as the mobilization of the resources required for this purpose.

The Conference adopted

  • The Istanbul Declaration, enshrining a shared vision of the future of telecommunications worldwide

  • A Strategic Plan for Bridging the Digital Divide, translating the vision into objectives and priorities for consideration by the Plenipotentiary Conference (Marrakesh, Morocco - 23 September to 18 October 2002) and included in the Strategic Plan of the ITU.

  • An Action Plan for Bridging the Digital Divide at the global level for worldwide network extension and at the regional level to cope with specificities.

This established the work programme for the period 2003 to 2007.




Invitation by the Secretary-General:



List of Documents

List of Participants

WTDC-02 Brochure (PDF Version - 1.5 Mb)


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