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Issues and Mechanisms at Stake

The agenda of the WTDC-02 is proposed to be an assessment of how BDT has implemented the WTDC-1998 Resolutions and Recommendations. Equally, it is a forward-looking exercise leading to the establishment of priorities for the next development cycle.

Review: The meeting will consider the main activities undertaken in the context of the Valletta Action Plan (VAP) and examine the accomplishments of the programmes. It is also expected to examine the report of the Telecommunication Development Advisory Group, which directly advises the Director of the BDT on strategic issues. Among other activities the meeting will review are the Special Programme for Least Developed Countries (LDCs); reports of ITU-D study groups in the strategies and policies domain (Study Group 1) and development and management domain (Study Group 2); direct assistance and implementation of technical cooperation projects within the framework of agreements with UNDP and other financing sources.

General Policy and Strategy Issues: There will be a report on the state of telecommunication development in the world. The conference will also consider proposals for reform of the Telecommunication Development Sector; contributions by the regional preparatory meetings to WTDC-02; the results of the global symposia for regulators and the outcome of the follow-up workshops to the Third World Telecommunication Policy Forum 2001. Finally, the strategic plan for the Telecommunication Development Sector will be reviewed.

Operational and Technical Issues: Discussion of future work programmes under the Istanbul Action Plan will revolve around the following themes:

  • Universal access and ICTs
  • Policies, regulations and economic aspects of telecommunication development
  • Human resources development and strengthening of capacities
  • Infrastructure development and introduction of new technologies and services
  • Special Programme for LDCs

Within the framework of the overall ITU Reform process, the conference will also discuss:

Implementation Mechanisms associated with implementing the substantive programmes. They include:

  • Framework (programmes, draft declarations, study groups, conferences, etc.)
  • Mobilization of Resources
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • International Cooperation
  • Specific Actions for LDCs

Internal Functioning Mechanisms: Also coming under scrutiny are the ways and means for more rapid and efficient provision of BDT products and services.

Special Session on Bridging the Digital Divide: A high-level session on Bridging the Digital Divide is expected to attract quality participation from stakeholders in the sector on solutions to bridge the digital divide. The conference will:

  • Review the current situation in developing countries
  • Set a short-term action to bridge the digital divide
  • Consider a long-term action plan to bridge the digital divide


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