On the frontline of today’s digital transformation, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the engine of the global economy.  SMEs are especially driving innovation in new applications and services which are addressing challenges in areas such as health, finance, education and more. ITU gives SMEs a seat at the table and an opportunity to shape the future of the digital economy.

SMEs can participate either as Sector Members or Associates in any of ITU's three Sectors. ITU has reduced fees for SMEs that wish to participate as an Associate. To be eligible for these reduced fees, companies must be approved by their respective Member State as meeting national criteria for an SME. In addition, companies must also have fewer than 250 employees as well as annual revenues below a maximum of CHF 15 million.

SMEs play a vital role in bringing the benefits of the digital economy to everyone, everywhere. They are able to adapt quickly and work nimbly to meet the needs of developing countries and are a big driver of the global economy as a source of new ideas and innovative thinking.

Houlin Zhao
Secretary General, ITU

To achieve the SDGs, we will need to continue leveraging the power of public-private partnerships, as well as the huge potential of small and medium sized enterprises. Now more than ever, we need the expertise, innovation and investment of SMEs.

Malcolm Johnson
Deputy Secretary-General, ITU


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