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About ITU Translate


ITU Translate produces a machine translation which is fully automated and involves no human intervention. The quality and accuracy of machine translation can vary from one text to another and between different language pairs. The ITU does not guarantee the accuracy of the translation and accepts no liability for possible errors. Please refer to the official text in its original version if there is any doubt. Some content (such as images, videos, files, HTML links and acronyms) may not be translated or may be inaccurate due to the technical limitations of the system.


As any machine translation tool, ITU Translate is a work in progress and its engine is regularly updated and trained on new material. Please do contact us at any time at  with any technical or linguistic issues, comments or suggestions. We rely on the support and feedback of our users to continue to improve the tool and the service it offers. 

ITU Translate

ITU Translate is a neural machine translation tool developed in-house for ITU documents and websites. Based on an open-source framework, it has been trained using ITU material to ensure greater accuracy for technical content, but includes website translation from external cloud-based translation services for general language expressions.

It uses innovative technologies to ensure high quality gist translation services to complement the reach of the work carried out by ITU's professional human translation service. This is in line with Plenipotentiary Resolution 154 on the use of the six official languages of the Union on an equal footing. ITU Translate is grateful for the work of the professional translation service on which it is trained and developed.