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Regional Initiatives 2023-2025

The ITU Telecommunications Development Conference (WTDC) held in Kigali from 6 to 16 June approved a new set of Regional Initiatives for the period 2023-2025. The Regional Initiatives outlined in the Kigali Action Plan address specific needs for each major region of the world to advance and accelerate digital transformation.


Regional Initaitives 2023-2025 - Africa

Africa Regional Initiatives

  • AFR1: Supporting digital transformation to usher in a rapid transition to a digital economy while accelerating innovation in Africa
  • AFR2: Implementation and expansion of broadband infrastructures, connectivity and emerging technologies
  • AFR3: Building trust, safety and security in the use of telecommunications/information and communication technologies and protection of personal data
  • AFR4: Fostering emerging technologies and innovation ecosystems
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Regional Initaitives 2023-2025 - Americas

Americas Regional Initiatives

  • AMS1: Deployment of modern, resilient, secure and sustainable telecommunication/information and communication technology infrastructure
  • AMS2: Enhancement and expansion of digital-literacy, digital-skills and digital-inclusion programmes, especially among vulnerable populations
  • AMS3: Effective support for digital transformation and innovation ecosystems through scalable, funded and sustainable connectivity projects
  • AMS4: Development of enabling policy and regulatory environments to connect the unconnected through accessible and affordable telecommunications/information and communication technologies that support achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and progress towards the digital economy
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Arab States

Regional Initaitives 2023-2025 - Arab States

Arab States Regional Initiatives

  • ARB1: Sustainable digital economy through digital transformation
  • ARB2: Enhancing confidence, security and privacy in the use of telecommunications/information and communication technologies in the era of new and emerging digital technologies
  • ARB3: Developing digital infrastructure for smart sustainable cities and communities
  • ARB4: Building capacities and encouraging digital innovation, entrepreneurship and future foresight
  • ARB5: Developing means of digital regulation
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Regional Initaitives 2023-2025 - Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific Regional Initiatives

  • ASP1: Addressing special needs of least developed countries, small island developing states, including Pacific island countries, and landlocked developing countries
  • ASP2: Harnessing information and communication technologies to support the digital economy and inclusive digital societies
  • ASP3: Fostering development of infrastructure to enhance digital connectivity and connecting the unconnected
  • ASP4: Enabling policy and regulatory environments to accelerate digital transformation
  • ASP5: Contributing to a secure and resilient information and communication technology environment
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Regional Initaitives 2023-2025 - CIS

CIS Regional Initiatives

  • CIS1: Developing infrastructure to promote innovation and partnerships in the introduction of new technologies – the Internet of Things, including the industrial Internet, smart cities and communities, 5G/IMT-2020 and next-generation NET-2030 communication networks, quantum technologies, artificial intelligence, digital health, digital skills and environmental protection
  • CIS2: Cybersecurity and personal data protection
  • CIS3: Creating an enabling legal and regulatory environment to accelerate digital transformation
  • СIS4: Digital skills and information and communication technology accessibility for the public, in particular for persons with disabilities
  • CIS5: Development of smart cities and communities
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Regional Initaitives 2023-2025 - Europe

Europe Regional Initiatives

  • EUR1: Digital infrastructure development
  • EUR2: Digital transformation for resilience
  • EUR3: Digital inclusion and skills development
  • EUR4: Trust and confidence in the use of telecommunications/information and communication technologies
  • EUR5: Digital innovation ecosystems
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