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Child Online Protection

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Child Online Protection (COP) is a global challenge, and it requires a holistic approach and a global response, international cooperation, and national coordination to protect children from online risks and potential harm and empower them to fully benefit from online opportunities. ​


The Council Working Group on Child Online Protection has defined child online protection actions which include raising awareness of child online safety issues and assisting and supporting Member States in developing and implementing roadmaps for the Child Online Protection initiative. Consult resolution 179 for more information.
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The Child Online Protection initiative promotes a holistic approach to child online protection to build safe​,​ gender-sensitive, age-appropriate, inclusive, and ​rights respecting digital environments for children and young people worldwide.

Research and Knowledgement
The Child Online Protection initiative develops key recommendations and guidance to support all relevant stakeholders in their efforts to create a safe and empowering online environment for children and young people allowing th​em to realize the full range of their rights.

In-Country Programmes
The Child Online Protection initiative supports Member States in​ the drafting, adoption and implementati​on of Child Online Protection​ National Frameworks and comprehensive strategies that involve all relevant stakeholder groups.  
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​​Ch​ild Participation
The Child Online Protection initiative champions child participation, encouraging their active involvement in decision-making processes. By engag​​ing children in shaping policies, their insights lead to more targeted strategies that address evolving risks. This approach not only respects children's ​​rights and amplifies their voices but also fosters a safer digital landscape.​ More...​


ITU works to protect and empower children online, everywhere. Across five Regions, we support relevant stakeholders to contribute to the protection of children's rights in the digital environment.





ITU Child Online Protection Guidelines and Recommendations
Read here the ITU Policy Brief: Keeping children safe in the digital environment: The importance of protection and empowerment.​

In light of the growing global challenge of online safety, ITU and partners have reviewed, updated and rewritten the ITU Guidelines on Child online Protection
Visit the dedicated website on the ITU Guidelines on Child online Protection for more details.

Recommendations on Child Online Protection in sports 
Today, sports organizations widely use digital tools for purposes of communication, promotion, and education. ITU, Scort and partners joint forces to provide tangible recommendations to support sports organizations aiming to better protect children by integrating online safeguarding policies and aligned opportunities for children's empowerment in the online and sports environment into organizations’ child protection frameworks. More...​

Global Status Report
Discover the latest insights from our Global Program on Child Online Protection through our Global Status Report. With remarkable completion rates and invaluable information from individual activities, our collaborative effort has seen active participation from key partners. Dive into the full report for a comprehensive overview of our progress and future strategies.​ More...​


With the kind support of KSA’s National Cybersecurity Authority, ITU and partners are launching a set of online self-paced trainings on child online protection, geared towards the following target groups: parents, educators, policy-makers, and ICT and industry professionals, as well as children and adolescents (aged 9-12, children aged 13-18).

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The trainings will also be accessible on ITU Academy h​ere​
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POP: Protection through online Participation
PoP is a multistakeholder research project on how children and young people are using the Internet to access support systems, such as a helplines, and provide support themselves through peer support networks.
The research will result in a virtual map identifying support systems used by children and young people and recommendations for all relevant stakeholders on how to create new and improve existing online support systems and ensure that children and young people can access them.

Online Safety for Kids and Teens with Sango
Are you interested in online safety? Meet Sango, the ITU child online protection mascot who can give you some ideas on how to stay safe and have fun online! 

Game and App
Have fun and play online, while learning how to stay safe online! 
We invite you to a journey helping you to achieve basic knowledge on online safety through our online game and engage in more advanced challenges through our mobile application on online safety for you!


Report: Safeguarding Children Online: A service-specific view on risks and parental attitudes
The report “Safeguarding Children Online: A service-specific view on risks and parental attitudes “, commissioned by Netflix, was drafted by Telecommunications Management Group, Inc. (TMG) in collaboration with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), as an expert agency focused on child online protection. 



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