Report by the ITU Secretary-General for the Sixth World Telecommunication/Information and Communication Technology Policy Forum 2021 (Final, 22 November 2021)

The ITU Secretary-General’s Report serves as a foundation for stimulating discussion at the Forum. It includes inputs and contributions from experts from all stakeholder groups and was developed through an open and inclusive preparatory process (which included seven meetings of the Informal Expert Group, convened in Geneva from 2019-2021, and over 70 written contributions). The Report presents the policy issues under consideration among different stakeholder groups on the theme of the WTPF-21* as well as the Draft Opinions agreed by the Informal Expert Group during the preparatory process.

*Theme of WTPF-21: “Policies for mobilizing new and emerging telecommunications/ICTs for sustainable development: The WTPF-21 would discuss how new and emerging digital technologies and trends are enablers of the global transition to the digital economy. Themes for consideration include AI, IoT, 5G, Big Data, OTTs, etc. In this regard, the WTPF-21 will focus on opportunities, challenges and policies to foster sustainable development.”

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