An intensive preparatory process involving expert representatives from ITU membership across governments, regulators, the private sector, academia and civil society to develop draft “Opinions” in a variety of areas related to the theme of WTPF-21* ran from September 2019 to November 2021. This process resulted in the adoption of five draft Opinions, which will form the basis of discussions at the WTPF-21, along with the Secretary-General’s Report.

Once agreed and finalized at the Forum, these non-prescriptive Opinions will offer guidance to ITU membership – through ongoing efforts within ITU and at a broader international level. As such, it is important that the final Opinions are fully representative and the result of multi-stakeholder discussions and consensus among ITU’s membership.

*Theme of WTPF-21: “Policies for mobilizing new and emerging telecommunications/ICTs for sustainable development: The WTPF-21 would discuss how new and emerging digital technologies and trends are enablers of the global transition to the digital economy. Themes for consideration include AI, IoT, 5G, Big Data, OTTs, etc. In this regard, the WTPF-21 will focus on opportunities, challenges and policies to foster sustainable development.”

Draft Opinions:

  1. DRAFT OPINION 1: Enabling environment for the development and deployment of new and emerging telecommunication/ICT services and technologies to advance sustainable development
  2. DRAFT OPINION 2: Affordable and secure connectivity in mobilising new and emerging telecommunications/ICTs for sustainable development
  3. DRAFT OPINION 3: Digital literacy and skills for inclusive access
  4. DRAFT OPINION 4: New and emerging technologies and services to facilitate the use of telecommunications/ICTs for sustainable development
  5. DRAFT OPINION 5: Use of telecommunications/ICTs in COVID-19 and future pandemic and epidemic preparedness and response