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Date: Fri, 04 Apr 2003 14:27:21 -0500
To: Simao Campos-Neto <>
From: Dave Lindbergh <>
Subject: Transfer of to ITU
Cc: Sakae Okubo <>,
        Paul Jones <> <>,
        Patrick Luthi <>,
        Gary Sullivan <>,
        Dave Lindbergh <>

Dear Simao,

I have completed the acquisition of all data off the site, and am ready to transfer this to ITU.  I will be enclosing a copy of this email message with the DVD-R disc I will send to Geneva on Monday 7 April 2003.

This email contains some background (for TSB IT staff) and information on how to setup the new anonymous FTP site at ITU.

As you know, PictureTel (now Polycom) has operated the site for the informal use of ITU-T SG15 (now SG16) rapporteurs and experts since ~1995, before the ITU established it's own FTP services via TIES.   It has in practice been the repository for working documents at Rapporteur's meetings of experts (outside of WP or SG meetings). 

This site has been operated as an anonymous FTP because each Question had (and has) at least some invited experts and other interested parties who were unable to access the official ITU-T Question sites (as this requires ITU membership and TIES passwords).

Recently, the ITU TSB has agreed to take over running this site as an anonymous FTP from Polycom, and agreed to make this site available on the same basis as before - via anonymous FTP.

The 3 folders on the DVD-R disc are the 3 currently active groups.  Below is a list, together with the individuals who are actively managing each folder:

        lbc-site        For Q.1/16 (Rapporteur Patrick Luthi)
        avc-site        For SG16 H.3xx systems groups (Rapporteurs Sakae Okubo and Paul Jones)
        video-site      For Q.6/16 (Rapporteur Gary Sullivan)

Together these sites contain 17,789 files and approximately 3.7 GBytes of data.

The following are tips on how to setup the anonymous FTP site for continued operation, based on our experience running this site in years past:

1. Setup the FTP server for READ-ONLY access via anonymous FTP.

2. Setup one input folder in each group for anonymous WRITE-ONLY access (FTP "PUT" permitted, FTP "LS" permitted, but FTP "GET" not permitted).  These folders are:


The purpose of these folders is to allow experts to upload files to the site for review by the responsible rapporteurs, before they are made available to the public (via anonymous FTP).  It's important that listings ("LS") be permitted, so experts can verify the presence of their files, but it's also important that downloading ("GET") is NOT permitted, otherwise hackers will use the site to store irrelevant and inappropriate materials (stolen software, pornography, etc.).  [This will occasionally happen anyway, until the hackers realize that the uploaded materials can't be downloaded by anyone.]

3.  Give the responsible rapporteurs (the list above, plus whatever individuals they designate) PASSWORD access to both "telnet" and FTP into the server, with full READ/WRITE/ERASE privileges.  These accounts are used by the rapporteurs to review and virus-check uploaded files, and to move appropriate files to the anonymous READ-accessible folders.  They also must be able to create and remove folders, to organize the site.   

4.  Some perhaps-obvious tips:
        a)  Allocate at least twice as much disk space as is currently used.  This will allow room for expansion.
        b) Make sure the system is backed up regularly.
        c) Check the system periodically to make sure it is in good working order.
        d) Designate an email address/phone number where problem reports may be sent.

Please inform me (and of course the relevant Rapporteurs) when the ITU system is up and running.  After a test period of a few weeks to ensure things are working smoothly, we will retire the server.

Finally, if things have changed and for any reason ITU is unable to or concerned about operating this FTP site, Polycom is willing to continue offering these FTP services to the standards community indefinitely - just let us know.  (We have a new and more modern server we are currently setting up for public access - this will soon be offering a "Polycom Standards Web" and other services.)

Best regards,

--Dave Lindbergh, Polycom Inc.
  Rapporteur, ITU-T Q.E/16

Dave Lindbergh
Polycom, Inc.
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