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Dynamic Coalition on Accessibility and Disability

Meeting of the Dynamic Coalition on Accessibility and Disability (DCAD) – 3rd IGF Meeting, Hyderabad, India
06 December 2008, 9:30 - 11:00, Room 5

The primary objectives of the first DCAD meeting is to approve a “Declaration” addressed to IGF authorities, other Dynamic Coalitions and all stakeholders, stating the core views and proposals related to policies in the field of accessibility and disability in Internet, in particular “Internet accessibility” and how to improve it. DCAD will then assist, through this declaration, the IGF in making themselves accessible in future meetings. The declaration will also state what DCAD objective is and who the DCAD Partners are. In addition this meeting will discuss and approve an Action Plan for future activities and will provide a venue to discuss and interact with experts on accessibility for persons with disabilities.

Moderator: Andrea Saks (DCAD Coordinator)

  1. Approval of the Agenda
  2. DCAD Action Plan
  3. Hyderabad Declaration on IGF Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities (proposed by the Dynamic Coalition on Accessibility and Disability)
  4. Panel discussion to follow up on questions and answers from the ITU Workshop held on the 4th December. The panel will be formed by experts who are Partners of the Dynamic Coalition on Accessibility and Disability including Andrea Saks (ITU), Stefano Polidori (ITU-T/TSB), Peter Major (ITU-R/BR), Angela Garabagiu (Council of Europe), Hiroshi Kawamura (DAISY Consortium), Cynthia Waddel (ICDRI), Jorge Plano (ISOC-AR), Shadi Abou-Zahra (W3C – WAI Initiative), Gabriela Barrios (independent consultant on law & ICT's), Fernando Botelho (Literacy Bridge), Arnoud van Wijk (ISOC), Dipendra Manocha (Daisy Consortium).
  5. Feedback from IGF participants on accessibility measures taken at this IGF meeting.

Input Documents

Output Documents

Current members
ITU – ACMA – Council of Europe – DAISY Consortium – Digital Accessible Information System Consortium – G3ict –ICDRI – ISOC – ISOC-AR – Mais Diferenšas – NCC – People Who – UNESCO – W3C Web Accessibility Initiative.


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