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Subscription and TIES Users SNS Online is a yearly subscription service. It is available as a free service for TIES registered users. In case you have an SNS subscription and at the same time you are a TIES registered user your SNS account and pasword is taken by the system. If you want to use your TIES account to access SNS Online give your TIES username with -sns (e.g: major-sns) then enter your TIES password.
Space IFIC - Table of Contents This service gives access to the Table of Contents of selected Space International Frequency Information Circular (and former WIC) databases. You may download the selected Circular database that you may use for further processing (see below).
Space IFIC Databases Space International Frequency Information Circular (and former WIC) databases are available in zipped format. You may download the selected Circular database that you may use for further processing. You may wish to use theSpace Query System - the software developed at the Radiocommunication Bureau to perfom queries on the database - which is also available for downloading.
Frequently Asked Questions Questions and comments concerning SNS Online are listed on this page. You may search by keyword or you may display all the questions and responses..
Related Software You have access to other software developed by the Bureau e.g.: SpaceCap, SpaceQry, SNSVAL1, SNL, etc. Most of this software is available free. To download the selected software download the file with .zip extension and then run Pkunzip to decompress it into a temporary directory.
New Format Space Network Systems Online has been modified both in content and format. You have access now to the live database. Updates refer to the new IFIC databases you may download to you PC. We include now Advance publication data prior to April 1997. Shortly we shall make plan data available to users.
Mailing List If you want to be informed about the changes and improvements in Space Network Systems Online please fill the form and send it to the Bureau. You will receive a mail from the Bureau whenever there is a new feature or modification to the existing system.


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