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"ITU Recommendations" has moved to a new system, providing improvements including:

  • Grouping of Recommendations (e.g. ITU-T H.323):
    • Recommendations appear together with their Annexes, Appendices, Addenda, Corrigenda, Supplements and Errata
    • In-Force, Pre-Published, Draft, Superseded and Withdrawn versions are grouped together
  • A "What's New" page specific to Recommendations has been added
  • The Recommendations Search Engine now provides full-text searches
  • Direct Navigation between versions of Recommendations (e.g. ITU-R BT.1124)
  • Additional information provided about Recommendations (e.g. ITU-T H.222.0)
  • Unique naming of downloaded Recommendation files

This new system can be found by following these links:

ITU-R Recommendations
ITU-T Recommendations
ITU Recommendations : What's New
Search ITU Recommendations

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