This Recommendation describes an objective method for predicting the subjective quality of 3.1 kHz
(narrow-band) handset telephony and narrow-band speech codecs. This Recommendation presents a
high-level description of the method, advice on how to use it, and part of the results from a Study
Group 12 benchmark carried out in the period 1999-2000. An ANSI-C reference implementation,
described in Annex A, is provided in separate files and form an integral part of this
Recommendation. A conformance testing procedure is also specified in Annex A to allow a user to
validate that an alternative implementation of the model is correct. This ANSI-C reference
implementation shall take precedence in case of conflicts between the high-level description as given
in this Recommendation and the ANSI-C reference implementaion.
This Recommendation includes an electornic attachment containing an ANSI-C reference
implementation of PESQ and conformance testing data.