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BR Space Services WIC/IFIC - Annual Collection

BR Space Services WIC/IFIC - Annual Collection
Year: Edition of 2010
Persistent link: http://handle.itu.int/11.1002/pub/803cb919-en
The collection of BR WICs (Weekly Information Circulars) and BR IFICs (International Frequency Information Circulars) for Space Services contains Parts and Special Section publications with information on the frequency assignments for space stations, Earth stations or radioastronomy stations submitted to the Radiocommunication Bureau by ITU Member State administrations.
The collection is distributed on multiple DVD-ROMs and contains archived BR WICs compiled by time series (1965-1995) and from 1996 by year (1996-1999), and archived BR IFICs (from 2000 onwards) by year.

DVD   Complete collection (Years 1965 to 2010)
33648  6090 CHF CONTINUE
DVD   Single edition 2010
36442  500 CHF CONTINUE
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