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BR International Frequency Information Circular (BR IFIC) - Space Service

BR International Frequency Information Circular (BR IFIC) - Space Service
Year: Edition of 2014
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BR IFIC Space Services is a service publication published every two weeks by the Radiocommunication Bureau in accordance with provision Nos. 20.1-20.6 and No. 20.15 of the Radio Regulations. It contains information on the frequency assignments to space stations, Earth stations or radioastronomy stations submitted by administrations to the Radiocommunication Bureau for recording in the Master International Frequency Register, as well as those that are submitted under the relevant provisions of the Radio Regulations or that are subject to the Appendices 30, 30A and 30B Plans. The information published corresponds to the recorded assignments as well as the notifications still being processed. The SRS database formerly sold separately is now available only in this DVD-ROM. The BR IFIC (Terrestrial Services) DVD-ROM is published at the same time (please see Publication Notice No. 282-14). For additional support and information, please see the BR support page at

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