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Wireless broadband masterplan for the Independent State of Samoa

Wireless broadband masterplan for the Independent State of Samoa
Year: October 2012
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This report provides an analysis of the current state of the Samoa broadband capability and provides recommendations for the development of an effective wireless broadband technology. It also considers key regulatory aspects for the provision of wireless broadband services throughout the country. The Government of Samoa is committed to ensuring that all Samoans have access to effective wireless broadband services, and to encouraging a content-rich environment that will facilitate a growing online community. Samoa presents its own unique set of challenges in developing wireless broadband. Samoa is the smallest and most isolated of the four countries considered by ITU for the development of the masterplan project (the others being Myanmar, Nepal and Viet Nam). Samoa is a Pacific Island nation with a population of some 180 000 people. The country's policy requirements are therefore based predominantly on these factors. The recommendations in this report are focused on achieving the maximum gains in terms of coverage, and on ensuring that the provision of fast and effective broadband services can be achieved in a short period of time.

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