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The ITU Corporate Strategy Division's Young Minds in Telecoms competition, which ran from 2005 to 2007, was open to graduate students and recent graduates in economics, political science, law, literature, telecommunications, computer science, information systems and related fields. The objective of the ITU Young Minds Programme was to give young people valuable exposure to the international telecommunication environment and to the work of the ITU.

Information on the winners and runner-ups for the 2005-2007 competitions are available on this website.

Announcing the 2007 ITU Young Minds Winner

Stelios Papadakis (Mozambique)
Read Essay: Technological convergence: Opportunities and Challenges

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The 2006 ITU Young Minds Winners


bullet Chin Yung Lu (Hong Kong SAR, People's Republic of China)
Read Essay:
Key opportunities and threats raised by the growing use of Services over IP such as VoIP and IP-TV


My name is Chin Yung Lu and I am a winner of the ITU Young Minds Competition 2006.

About Chin Yung's internship in the SPU
My main duty in the Strategy and Policy Unit (SPU) was to contribute to the ITU Internet Report 2006:, which will be published in December this year for the ITU TELECOM WORLD 2006. The tasks included researching, analyzing and collecting data about the telecommunication industry on a global scale. It was a rewarding experience for me as I had mostly technical knowledge in the telecommunication industry and this job allowed me to look at it from the business and regulatory perspectives. This year’s Internet Report elaborates the concept, opportunities and challenges of a digital lifestyle and discusses various forms of changes that are happening rapidly in the digital world.

Apart from work, I also had a good social life in Geneva. It is an international city and holds many cultural events and parties around the year.

There are many young people doing internships here and I made friends with not only interns from ITU but also from other United Nations organizations. Geneva’s excellent location allowed me to travel to most cities in Switzerland and Europe within a couple of hours. I have used this convenience to travel, visit my friends and experience different cultures during my weekends.

Life after the internship
I am moving back to Hong Kong after this position. I will be working as a graduate trainee in CASCADE Limited which is a subsidiary of the Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW), the incumbent telecom operator in Hong Kong.

What I have gained in the Young Minds Program is definitely more than a short term experience and I am sure that I will benefit a lot from it in my career later. The experience of working in an international organization, living in Switzerland, travelling in Europe, making new friends, learning French and having a drink by Lac Leman in Geneva is something I am going to remember and treasure for a life time.

- Chin Yung Lu, October 2006
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bullet Lucy Yu (United Kingdom)
Read Essay:
How can the interests of end users in the information society be balanced with the interests of business, in the UK?


I am Lucy Yu, one of the 2006 ITU ‘Young Minds’.

About Lucy's internship in the SPU
Amongst other things, my work at ITU has included researching the global telecommunications market and analysing, collecting and reporting data. I have been reviewing the economic, social, political, legal and technological factors that affect the applications and growth of both emerging and established technologies, as well as their acceptance and the extent of their uptake in various member states. The results will inform a number of areas of ITU’s work, most significantly feeding in to the 2006 ITU Internet Report entitled ‘’. This report is being specially prepared for ITU TELECOM WORLD 2006 which will bring together policy-makers and the private sector to provide a forum for topical debate and decisions on the future of ICT.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at ITU. The work has been stimulating and at times very demanding, and I have learnt a huge amount in a relatively short space of time. I have expanded my knowledge about policy and regulatory models in the telecommunications industry and communicating with the private sector has taught me about the business and financial side, which has been particularly useful in the collection and analysis of data. I have also benefited from working with a team of very dedicated, motivated and inspiring colleagues and have learnt more about the work of the UN whilst experiencing the realities of working in an international organisation.

Life after the internship
Geneva is a wonderful city and has been a very enjoyable place to live, and the Swiss people are incredibly warm and welcoming. The city itself has numerous cultural opportunities and I have also taken the time to travel around Europe whilst I have been in post here. Following this position I will be returning to the UK where I will be taking up a new position in the civil service. The time I have spent at SPU has been an invaluable experience for me - one that I will never forget and that I hope to build upon for my future career. I would thoroughly recommend the programme and would encourage anyone considering applying in 2007 to take the plunge! 

- Lucy Yu, October 2006
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