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DECISION  5  (Minneapolis, 1998)

Expenditure of the Union for
the period 2000 to 2003*


The Plenipotentiary Conference of the International Telecommunication Union (Minneapolis, 1998),


the strategic plans and goals established for the Union and its Sectors for the period 1999 to 2003,

considering further

Resolution 91 of this conference on general principles for cost recovery,


1.1                   that the Council is authorized to draw up the two biennial budgets of the Union in such a way that the total expenditure of the General Secretariat and the three Sectors of the Union does not exceed:

333.2 million Swiss francs for the years 2000 and 2001;

332.6 million Swiss francs for the years 2002 and 2003;

1.2              that the amounts specified in paragraph 1.1 above include expenditure in respect of the working languages Arabic, Chinese and Russian, to an amount not exceeding 30 million Swiss francs for the years 2000 to 2003;

1.3                   that, when adopting the biennial budgets of the Union, the Council may decide to exceed the limits in paragraph 1.1 above in order to meet unanticipated demand for products or services which are subject to cost recovery;

1.4                   that the Council shall each year control the expenditure and income of the budget as well as the different activities and the related expenditure contained therein;

2                   that if no plenipotentiary conference is held in 2002, the Council shall establish the biennial budgets of the Union for 2004 and thereafter, having first obtained approval for the budgeted annual values of the contributory unit from a majority of the Member States of the Union;

3                   that the Council may authorize expenditure in excess of the limits for conferences, meetings and seminars if such excess can be compensated by sums within the expenditure limits accrued from previous years or charged to the following year;

4                   that the Council shall, during each budgetary period, assess the changes that have taken place and the changes likely to take place in the current and coming budgetary periods under the following items:

4.1                   salary scales, pension contributions and allowances, including post adjustments, established by the United Nations common system and applicable to the staff employed by the Union;

4.2              the exchange rate between the Swiss franc and the United States dollar in so far as this affects the staff costs for those staff members on United Nations scales;

4.3              the purchasing power of the Swiss franc in respect of non-staff items of expenditure;

5                   that the Council may authorize expenditure beyond the amounts indicated in paragraph 1.1 in light of the changes referred to in paragraphs 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3 above only if it is not possible in the short term to adjust an allocation of funds within the expenditure ceiling or to implement other measures to take account of these changes;

6                   that the Council shall have the task of effecting every possible economy and, to this end, that it shall establish the lowest possible authorized level of expenditure commensurate with the needs of the Union, within the limits established by paragraph 1, if necessary taking into account the provisions of paragraph 4 above;

7                   that the Council may exceed the limits established by the Pleni­potentiary Conference by up to 1% in order to meet expenditure on unforeseen and urgent activities which are in the interests of the Union. The Council may exceed the limit by more than 1% only with the approval of a majority of the Member States of the Union, which shall be presented with a full statement of the facts justifying this step. This provision does not apply to paragraph 1.3 above;

8                   that, in determining the value of the annual contributory unit in any particular year, the Council shall take into account the future programme of conferences and meetings and the estimated related costs as well as other sources of income in order to avoid wide fluctuations from year to year;

9                   that, in determining the value of the contributory unit, the Council should also take into account the budgetary impact of the introduction of new cost-recovery charges for activities that were previously funded from assessed contributions and should, to the greatest extent possible, reduce the value of the contributory unit by an appropriate amount,

instructs the Secretary-General

to provide to the Council, no less than five weeks before its regular 1999 and 2001 sessions, complete and accurate data as needed for the development, consideration and establishment of the biennial budget.

*    All amounts indicated in this decision are expressed in Swiss francs value 1 January 1998.





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