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Ubiquitous Network Societies
The concept of  “technological ubiquity” has been receiving increasing public sector and industry attention over the last two or three years. Mobile phones and the Internet have already permeated all aspects of human life in many parts of the world. A next step in "always on" communications, new ubiquitous technologies (such as RFID) promise a world of networked and interconnected devices  (e.g. fridge, television, vehicle, garage door, etc…) that provide relevant content and information whatever the location of the user. In particular, the convergence (and future scalability) of broadband Internet and ubiquitous networks with current mobile services may emerge as the key means for providing communication and monitoring capabilities to users. 

The ubiquity of information and communications will have a significant impact on the current telecommunication landscape and business practices. It will also raise a number of public policy questions, in particular consumer protection and social inclusion. 

Background Resources Website 
This website aims to provide a number of background resources on "ubiquitous network societies", and in particular on the following subjects: 

General Resources

Radio-frequency identification (RFID)

Consumers, privacy and ubiquitous technologies

Convergence for ubiquitous networks

Human-machine communications


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Research project on "Mobile overtakes fixed" (2003)

                                                                       (UNS meeting 6-8 April, 2005)



ITU Workshop on Ubiquitous Network Societies

An international experts workshop on "Ubiquitous Network Societies" was held from 6 to 8 April 2005 in Geneva, Switzerland. The Chair's Report from the meeting is available here and Workshop presentations can be downloaded here.

For more information about the research project and workshop, please contact Ms. Lara Srivastava at <lara.srivastava(a)>.

The ITU News featured the Workshop and its contents in a Special Anniversary Edition of the magazine. The Feature can be downloaded in English, French and Spanish below:

The background and thematic papers presented at the workshop are available below:

Thematic/Background Papers

Background paper: "Ubiquitous Network Societies: The Case of Radio Frequency Identification"  

Background paper: "Privacy and Ubiquitous Network Societies"

Background paper: "Ubiquitous Network Societies: Their impact on the telecommunication industry"

Country Case Studies

"Ubiquitous Network Societies: The Case of Japan"

"Ubiquitous Network Societies: The Case of the Republic of Singapore"

"Ubiquitous Network Societies: The Case of Korea"

"Ubiquitous Network Societies: The Case of Italy" See also "Ubiquitous Network Societies - Survey on the Case of Italy"

The workshop addressed a number of questions, for instance:

What are the important technical developments that will enable the shift to a ubiquitous communication environment: sensor networks, flexible software platforms, smart devices, RFID, embedded technologies, context-aware technologies? 

What are some of the key sectors for the early application of ubiquitous technologies: e.g. transport, bio-medical? 

What are some of the important public policy mechanisms for encouraging deployment, e.g. spectrum management? 

What is the impact of ubiquitous technologies on the overall telecommunication industry? 

What corporate strategies are optimal for both traditional & non-traditional enterprises in the shift to ubiquity?

What consumer protection safeguards are required, for instance privacy safeguards? 

How can we ensure social inclusion and diversity in an increasingly ubiquitous technological environment? 

What will be the impact of ubiquitous technologies on the evolution of society and social behaviour?



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