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ITU New Initiatives Programme:
The Regulatory Environment for
Future Mobile Multimedia Services

2006 Workshop


2006 Workshop Programme

The regulatory environment for future mobile multimedia services
In 2001, ITU held a workshop under its New Initiatives Programme on “Licensing Policy for 3G mobile”. Five years later, 3G (or IMT-2000) network deployment has finally begun to take off. But in the meantime, the overall interest in new mobile services has not waned – the number of mobile hit 2.14 billion in 2005, representing almost a third of the world’s population. In addition, new wireless broadband services are beginning to emerge as contenders for content delivery. In this regard, there has been a call for a re-evaluation of policy and regulation of 3G, emerging wireless broadband services, and enhanced mobile multimedia content and applications.

At this time, it is incumbent upon us to re-evaluate the regulatory environment for such services, an environment characterized by fast-paced service innovation but also by a number of important regulatory hurdles.

An international workshop to discuss these matters was organized under the ITU New Initiatives Programme in Mainz (Germany) in June 2006.


Background Resources Website 
This website aims to provide a number of background resources on the environment for future mobile multimedia services, and in particular on the following subjects: 

General background resources (including competition issues)

Spectrum Management

Consumer Protection and Privacy

Legacy Regulatory Issues


ITU Newslog and Related Publications
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    - Ubiquitous Networks
ITU Internet Report "The Internet of Things", November 2005
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Research project on "Mobile overtakes fixed" (2003)


ITU New Initiatives Workshop on the Regulatory Environment for Future Mobile Multimedia Services (Mainz, 21-23 June 2006)

ITU Workshop on the "The Regulatory Environment for Future Mobile Multimedia Services"

An international experts workshop (see the final report of the chair) under the ITU New Initiatives Programme on the "The Regulatory Environment for Future Mobile Multimedia Services" was held from 21-23 June 2006 in Mainz, Germany. The workshop was hosted by Germany’s Federal Network Agency for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Post and Railway (BNetzA). For more information about the research project and workshop, please contact Ms. Lara Srivastava at <lara.srivastava(a)>.

Workshop Materials
The Chair's report from the meeting is now available

Workshop presentations

Workshop Programme

Biographies of our speakers

Final list of participants

Input to the Workshop: Background Papers

The following thematic papers and case studies will serve as a basis for discussion at the meeting:

You may also be interested in these 2005 case studies from leading mobile economies, Japan & Korea: 

"Ubiquitous Network Societies: The Case of Japan" (2005)
"Ubiquitous Network Societies: The Case of Korea" (2005)


Discussion Points for the Workshop

Were the licensing conditions imposed on mobile operators too onerous in certain regions, such as Europe?
What (legacy) anti-competitive behaviour continues to exist in the mobile market (e.g. high roaming and interconnection charges) and why?
What lessons can be learned from the success of mobile multimedia in regions such as Asia?
What is the future outlook for 3G and mobile multimedia services in the context of technological innovations in wireless networking?
What is the current status of value-added mobile providers and mobile virtual network operators around the world?
How can spectrum for 3G and future services be most efficiently used? Is there a need for mandated infrastructure sharing and network sharing agreements?
What are the advantages of licensed and unlicensed spectrum allocation in this context, and the role of short-range and longer-range wireless broadband networks, such as WiMax?
How can content development over mobile broadband networks be encouraged and fostered?
How can pricing transparency be ensured?
What are some of the implications of always-on multimedia on consumer protection (e.g. privacy?)?



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