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In 2000, ITU Member States and Sector Members selected the regulatory implications of broadband as a high priority for future research under the "New Initiatives Programme".

This site, launched in January 2001, introduces the topic of the regulatory implications of broadband, which was the theme of an ITU New Initiatives workshop held in May 2001. Given the strong and growing topicality of broadband issues, new areas of focus are being addressed in a second workshop. This time, the workshop is on the theme  of "Promoting Broadband", and will be held in April 2003. The background papers and case studies prepared for this second workshop are available at the Promoting Broadband website.

Broadband ushers in convergence - at last. Broadband networks can be used for communication of all kinds (voice, data, video, etc.). In a narrowband world, several distinct industries focus on specific kinds of communication. The telecommunications industry focuses on voice, the TV industry (cable and broadcast) focuses on video, and the IT industry focuses on data. These industries have traditionally been regulated distinctly due to their varying levels of monopolization, national interest, and universal service responsibilities. Such distinct regulation may not 'fit' the converged world of broadband.

Issues such as cross-media  competition, access to networks, and technology-neutral regulation place broadband at the canter of divergent policy and regulatory debates. What role should policy-makers play in stimulating investment in broadband networks? Do converged networks require converged regulatory structures? What will be the new bottlenecks in an era of plentiful bandwidth?


Table of contents


Regulatory issues


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Workshop, the regulatory implications of broadband, May 2-4 2001. 

Chair's Report, 4 May  [HTML] [WORD] [PDF]

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Briefing Paper
[Word] (1.21Mb) PDF  

A series of Case Studies of broadband use and regulation has been prepare covering:


Broadband on the Web

Selected documents on:


International organisations
A list of international organisations including NGOs, industry associations, professional bodies and user groups.


Industry acronyms and terms


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