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Radio Regulations 2016 available in six languages and with free delivery world-wide. Choose from the four Volume+maps hard-copy desk set or multi-lingual DVD.  Free pdf downloads also available.   New tools such as RR5 and RRNT enhance the RR16 experience.  A new edition of RR, RR2020, will be produced following WRC-2019.


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Recueil des textes fondamentaux de l´Union internationale des télécommunications adoptés par la Conférence de Plénipotentiaires
2019   Avis de publication avec bon de commande

Un document de référence contenant: a) la Constitution et la Convention, telles qu´elles ont été amendées par les Conférences de plénipotentiaires; b) Règles générales régissant les conférences, assemblées et réunions de l´Union; c) le texte intégral du Protocole facultatif concernant le règlement obligatoire des différends relatifs à la Constitution, à la Convention et aux Règlements administratifs; d) le texte intégral de toutes les décisions, résolutions et recommandations en vigueur; e) la liste des décisions, résolutions et recommandations abrogées.
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Autres éditions:   2015   2011   2007   2003  
ITU Journal : ICT Discoveries, Volume 1

The second special issue of the ITU Journal: ICT Discoveries presents academic papers that offer insight into the increasing sophistication of techniques used to exchange and understand data, while also exploring how data can safely fuel more autonomous, human centric information and communication technologies. Given the interdisciplinary nature of the issue, it features contributions that add a deeper dimension to the discussion by looking at the policy, regulatory and ethical aspects involved in the increasing use of data today.
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Autres éditions:   2018  
Assessing the Economic Impact of Artificial Intelligence
September 2018  

This is the first paper in a new series of ITU's Issue Paper on Emerging Trends, which aims to identify and recognize emerging trends in the telecommunication/ICTs environment, and share the information with all ITU membership to enhance our capacity to understand the force transforming our society with the development of telecommunication/ICT.

Contributed by the McKinsey Global Institute, the economic and business research arm of McKinsey & Company, it offers a framework for thinking about how to model the economic impact of AI, putting this exercise in the context of the research on the dynamically changing world of work in the light of automation, the need for a skills revolution, and the increasing and potential use of AI by companies.

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The State of Broadband 2018: Broadband catalyzing sustainable development

This annual report from the ITU/UNESCO Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development showcases the state and trends in broadband deployments around the world.

The 2018 edition is now available for download below, or for the first time available online in a new interactive format.

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The State of Broadband 2016: Broadband catalyzing sustainable development
2016   Avis de publication avec bon de commande

This report provides an update on progress towards the global targets of the ITU/UNESCO Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development and showcases the research and thought leadership of the Broadband Commission. It also provides a global snapshot of where the telecommunication/ICT industry stands with regards to fixed and mobile broadband deployment, affordability and usage, as well as the use of broadband for achieving development objectives. It will examine the use of new and upcoming technologies, such as 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) for development.
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