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    Baktiku Negeriku Apps, providing easy access about information for rural communities. The communities can be share information and question/answer real time with pictures attached, it effectively anable connect them to expert and to each other. And also to bridging a commerce of rural product, Articles/videos about rural empowerment, check about daily weather, and price of staple foods.
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  • Police Clearance Certificate Management System Police Headquarters, Bangladesh Police | Bangladesh
    The traditional process of receiving police clearance certificate was not only very time consuming, but also left scope for corruption and speed money. Moreover, the certificate issuing authority had a very archaic system of tracking applications and confirming acceptance. a2i’s Service Innovation Fund has supported the Bangladesh Police, the chief authority providing this service, to develop an application collection-processing-distribution system for police clearance certificate in a single unified architecture allowing citizens to access the service anytime-anywhere-online ( The simplification and automation of the service process has substantially reduced scope for corruption and bribery (SDG 16.5) and helped transform the service provider into an effective, accountable and transparent institutions at all levels (SDG 16.6).
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  • smartCATALONIA, from smartcities to a smartnation Secretary of Telecommunications, Cybersecurity and Digital Society (smartCATALONIA) - Government of Catalonia, Barcelona | Spain
    SmartCatalonia is the strategy of the Government of Catalonia that, in line with the Europe 2020 strategy of the European Commission, extends the Smart City concept on a national level to undertake a programme that integrates and coordinates local and multi-region initiatives in support of businesses and ongoing Smart initiatives throughout the territory. The strategy defines 3 main pillars: smart government, smart economy and smart territory and in those main pillars there are different topics and projects such as smart leisure projects, smart education programs and training for kinds and young people in primary school and smart mobility plans to reduce the pollution and the intensity of the traffic through the cities of Catalonia. In conclusion, SmartCatalonia aims to make Catalonia an international “Smart Country” of reference, using digital information and technology to bring innovation to public services, drive economic growth and promote a smarter, more sustainable and more inclusive society.
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  • Establishment of Bangladesh National Enterprise Architecture Bangladesh Computer Council | Bangladesh
    The Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) is one of the apex bodies of the GoB that has been instrumental in carving the path for the development of e-Governance in Bangladesh over the last two decades. At present, the BCC is in the process ensuring success of eGovernance in Bangladesh through establishment of ‘National Enterprise Architecture (NEA) and e-Government Interoperability Framework (e-GIF)’. This NEA and e-GIF would be the foundation for successful ICT implementation of e-Services in the Government. To realize vision and mission of the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) of establishing "Digital Bangladesh" by the year 2021 through building efficient, transparent and citizen centric government services, termed as "e-Services" through ICT, defining the "National Enterprise Architecture" and “e-Government Interoperability Framework (e-GIF)” for Bangladesh has been one of the key priority projects undertaken. The objective of this project is to assist GoB through BCC to design, develop, deploy and use the “National Enterprise Architecture (NEA)” and “e-Government Interoperability Framework (e-GIF)” to develop strategies, processes, plans, structures, technologies and systems across the Government, thereby developing an environment that enables the Government agencies to achieve its key objectives and outcomes through increased interoperability, better asset management, reduced risk and lower procurement costs.
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  • ICT for Women Portal Ministry of Communications & Information Technology | Egypt
    The ICT for Woman Portal is the first Egyptian Bilingual (Arabic/English) Portal specialized in developing and empowering women through ICT. This initiative was developed by the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology as a one-stop shop for all the Egyptian girls and women belonging to different community groups and who are interested in the ICT field; among them the marginalized remote areas. The objective of the "ICT for Woman" initiative is to support females and empower them to use ICT various tools in all aspects of life. It aims at boosting the benefits of women’s abilities and to overcome the challenges they are facing; to better serve their communities and improve their welfare. The portal provides different services for her; including capacity building programs to encourage women to be entrepreneurs and the available ICT job opportunities offered by national and international companies in various specializations. It also displays the latest ICT female statistics in Egypt (accessibility and usage of ICT in the different sectors); based on up-to-date international methodologies. Furthermore, the portal avails different studies on how to empower women through ICT, national ICT initiatives directed to females and success stories. In parallel, this initiative developed a dissemination mechanism between the MCIT and the interested partners and stakeholders through organizing regional conferences across Egypt. Top notched women in the ICT filed are also being awarded on an annual basis to celebrate the manifestation between ICT and Women in Egypt.
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