Smart Farmer

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COMSATS University Islamabad
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Smart Farmer
Technological advancements are increasing day by day and with the passage of each day it has become necessary to introduce technology to the agricultural field. Launching of technology in agriculture not only gives efficient output but also makes agriculture a more productive field. And keeping these points under view we are making SMART Farmer which is an automated robot. This robot uses latest technology to measure the aspects of soil. SMART Farmer detects the PH (potential hydrogen) of soil, humidity of leaves and also measures the temperature of soil and air. After collecting all this important information about the plant, it then sends the information to the user who is sitting far away from its farm. The user can simply access its robot by a specific web address and can easily move the robot to the desired area. This robot can not only tackle various tasks but can also live stream the whole area in a more nearer way. SMART Farmer is prominent in its own way due to its synchronization with the basic necessity i.e. android based mobile phone. By introducing this technology in agricultural field we can make the lives of farmers easier by saving their money and time, moreover they can yield better production. In future large and heavy machineries can be replaced by these kinds of small smart robots. In short we can introduce the world a smart fully automated no complaining and Hardworking Gardener Introduction: With an increase in the world’s population we need to increase the productivity and the only real option to overcome this factor requires the use of better and established agricultural technology. Our aim is to develop a robot which could tackle a wide variety of tasks. Our robot SMART Farmer is set to improve production yield, while reducing resources required and making farming an exciting profession moreover it allows farmers to reduce the environmental impact, increase precision and efficiency and manage individual plants in novel ways. Our work proposes a different type of mobile robot to measure environment. It supposes a low environmental impact system to acquire temperature, soil temperature and environmental humidity data continuously. It would maximize the growing speed, and crop health in general.
International implementation
Ongoing from 26/03/2017 to 26/03/2017

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