FreedomTB- Active Compliance System for TB Control

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FreedomTB- Active Compliance System for TB Control
FreedomTB is a 'technology for development' initiative to combat Tuberculosis as a multi-level intervention using a 360 degree model. It is a Bottom-Up model where patients and communities are part of the solution design. They are connected to the TB Health System to improve Adherence, Case Detection, Treatment Management and Capacities building through digital technology connect and behavioural change tools. The initiative is based on ZMQ’s fully-Technology Linked Model (f-TLM), which effectively uses ubiquity of cell-phones. It is being implemented in 2 states of India - Haryana and Rajasthan and in Wakisto and Kampala Districts in Uganda .
International implementation
India, Uganda
Ongoing from 01/12/2015 to 17/02/2017
RNTCP-India (Revised National TB program of India) Haryana State TB Office, India Delhi State TB office, India National TB and Leprosy Program of Uganda, Initial Support - DFID and USAID, BMGF Indian Knowledge Park

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