Backpack Radio Station

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Iman Abdurrahman
Civil society entities

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Backpack Radio Station
Backpack Radio
A radio station in a backpack, made out of water- and fireproof lightweight materials and powered by long-lasting batteries and mini solar panels. This backpack will contain a mini radio station as well as a mini database that makes the data accessible which is necessary to predict upcoming disasters such as tsunamis or volcano outbursts. Backpack Radio Station can be a life saver for people living in one of the remote communities on the over 17.000 islands of Indonesia, who have no access to information and communication through ICT.
National implementation: Indonesia
Completed from 06/01/2014 to 19/12/2016
Member of Indonesian Community Radio Networks, Combine Resource Institution, FMYY, AgeofWonderland (Hivos & Baltan Laboratiories), Joris de Groot

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