Hong Kong Trust Mark

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Hong Kong Federation of E-Commerce
Hong Kong, China
Civil society entities

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Hong Kong Trust Mark
Hong Kong's retail industry offer a wide variety of International goods and services, has been well known to the world's customers. The launch of "Hong Kong Trust Mark" could stop people going to buy from problem online shop, and also lead a better development in the global ecommerce market. The Hong Kong Federation of E-Commerce will base on the Code of Practice to review each application for approval and grant for the usage of the "Hong Kong Trade Mark". Those who obtained the Trust Mark would be authorized to post the electronic logo of the "Hong Kong Trust Mark" issued by HKFEC on their website and linked to a given webpage. Online consumer and general public can click through the "Hong Kong Trust Mark" logo on approved website to review the detail and status of that particular site. HKFEC will ensure all members obtain the Trust Mark to follow the Code of Practice, guarantee never sell any fake product and wrongful service description over their website, consumers can easily distinguish those good and honest online merchants through this Trust Mark against others.
Local implementation: Hong Kong, China, Hong Kong registered eMerchant facing global online consumers
Ongoing from 16/08/2016 to 17/08/2016
Belt and Road E-commerce Strategic Alliance, including : China Guangdong Electronic Commerce Association (GDECA), Russian Association of Internet Trade Companies (AITC), Ecommerce Foundation by Ecommerce Europe, Thailand eCommerce Association (Thai ECA), Ecommerce Association of India (ECAI) and, Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) Digital Commerce Association of Philippines (DCOM) World Trust Alliance (WTA)

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