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"Material Supermarket" Revitalization Solution for Enterprises and Institutions


In this project,adopting the advanced information technology and carrying out material supermarket management mode could effectively solve a series of problems of inefficient use of materials ,such as excessive sluggish inventory, insufficient internal activation leading to lower profit margins, long processing flow, etc.then reinvigorating the stock,cut down the cost and improve efficienc
Through the implementation of this project, China Mobile Procurement Sharing Center has achieved the following good results:
(1) If the idle inventory is not applicable for more than six months, it will be classified as supermarket materials and can be shared across regions, cities, departments and projects. Through this mechanism, the amount of materials aged over 6 months decreased from 1.1 billion yuan to 910 million yuan in 2021, a relative decrease of 190 million yuan.
(2) A material asset supermarket information sharing platform was established to collect and display the idle material assets of the whole network on the platform, reducing the communication workload between provincial companies. The overall inventory management and control is realized. The provincial company can query the warehousing and delivery of materials of each unit in real time, reasonably formulate the purchase plan, and reasonably allocate resources. Ensure that the inventory resources of each unit can flow across organizations, projects and attributes to form economies of scale.
(3) In 2021, China Mobile's sluggish inventory turnover revenue will reach 1.118 billion yuan, fully contributing to the enterprise value. Revitalize the idle assets in the enterprise, carry out internal turnover without external procurement, reduce the company's capital occupation, and improve the capital turnover rate.
(4) With the improvement of activation efficiency, the material inventory time has been shortened by nearly 40 days, greatly reducing the storage cost and security risk of material storage.

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Action lines related to this project
  • AL C7. E-business 2023
Sustainable development goals related to this project
  • Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production

  • China



Start date

June 2020

End date

June 2022

Target beneficiary group(s)
  • The unemployed
  • The poor
  • Refugees and internally displaced people
  • Remote and rural communities


To build a material supermarket, the operation process is simple and the degree of standardization is high. It can be copied by other companies to jointly improve the use efficiency of idle materials and realize the value maintenance and appreciation of the assets of enterprises and institutions. Take China Mobile's "Material Supermarket" revitalization solution project as an example.
1、 Building ideas of material supermarket
For the idle inventory, a material information sharing business platform is established. When the inventory is idle for 3 months, the materials will automatically enter the municipal material supermarket, and all departments and projects in the city can apply for use according to the needs, thus realizing the cross department and cross project utilization of materials. If it is still idle for 3 months after entering the municipal supermarket platform, it will enter the provincial material supermarket, and other municipal companies can also apply for use if required. If it is still idle six months after entering the provincial supermarket, it will enter the national level for allocation. The information of the idle material supermarket is open to all staff, and all project personnel can apply for collection. The whole process of material query, application approval, distribution tracking, etc. supports PC and mobile terminal operations.
2、Realize the function of "material supermarket"
1) Sharing information flow
Idle information sharing process: for inventory materials, analyze the inventory data on a monthly basis, organize relevant departments to review and promote them to municipal/provincial material supermarkets for sharing; For the returned assets, after the technical identification is available and the ownership unit has made clear that there is no plan for the use of the old, the relevant departments shall be organized to review and directly enter the asset supermarket for sharing.


The sustainability of project is based on the following aspects:
(1)100 billion level assets were idle and wasted, and the production value occupied by enterprises showed a growth momentum.
As the world's largest infrastructure country, due to factors such as non-standard infrastructure equipment, a large number of equipment are difficult to be recycled. It is estimated that hundreds of billions of yuan worth of assets are wasted every year. Industry insiders and experts suggest that this "sleeping wealth" needs to be "awakened". The number of idle materials within the enterprise is gradually increasing, which leads to a large number of overstock of materials in stock and makes it difficult to optimize the enterprise inventory management. In addition, due to the existence of isolated data islands, information cannot be shared in real time, and individual departments are still purchasing in large quantities, resulting in a large waste of resources and increased costs. The assets purchased by the enterprise are idle in the construction site or warehouse, occupying a large amount of funds of the enterprise! The turnover of idle assets between projects is not timely, resulting in huge losses.
(2) Green and low-carbon development gains more attention
The state issued the requirements of "green and low-carbon circular development", through the construction of "material supermarket" to activate idle materials, realize the effective utilization of resources, the green transformation of the supply chain, and the green development of enterprises, and contribute to promoting the construction of a resource conserving and green environment-friendly society. All enterprises call for exploring the use of the Internet model, accelerating the construction of a shared service platform for recycling infrastructure equipment, improving the recycling rate of equipment, and promoting the cost reduction, efficiency increase, transformation and upgrading of China's infrastructure industry. To strengthen its recycling management.

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