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Digital Governance Awards

Excellence in Governance Through Information and Communications Technology (ICT) of Local Government Units (LGUs)


The Digital Governance Awards (DGA), which started in 2019 until the presen is aligned with the function of Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) to “promote and assist LGUs and local stakeholders in developing specialized ICT-enabled investment areas by providing technical and industry-calibrated assistance in the use of ICT for the enhancement of key public services, development and promotion of local arts and culture, tourism, digital literacy, and talent development”, the ICT Industry Development Bureau (IIDB), in partnership with the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) and the National ICT Confederation of the Philippines (NICP), be conducting the Digital Governance Awards 2022.

The DGA is an annual search for best practices among local government units in utilizing information and communications technology (ICT) to effectively and efficiently deliver its public services directly to its constituents and to its business stakeholders. The DGA shares the vision of establishing indices for local government units across the country in harnessing the potentials of ICT towards raising the bar in delivering public service. By drawing attention to the best practices in integrating ICT capabilities and solutions, the different sectors of society and government units are enabled in their roles as catalysts of change. With the DGA strategy, the IIDB, DILG, and NICP envisions the proliferation of revolutionary ICT initiatives in the country that will support clearer, wider, and faster access to and delivery of information in our local government.

DGA is part of the DICT's Advancing Government ICT Innovation, Leadership and Excellence (AGILE), Program.

The AGILE Program aims to promote LGU capabilities in terms of their ICT-related services and/or projects together with the DGA Compendium and the Digital Governance Conferences (DGC).

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  • AL C1. The role of governments and all stakeholders in the promotion of ICTs for development 2023
  • AL C4. Capacity building
  • AL C6. Enabling environment
  • AL C7. E-government
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  • Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities

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The DGA can be replicated by many countries. The template is ready and available. The Digital Governance Awards is open to all local government units such as a province, city, or municipality. LGUs are limited to only one (1) unique entry per category for a total of three (3) entries. In instances where multiple entries per category are submitted, only the first one will be considered the official entry in that particular category. An LGU may join all three categories provided the entries are distinct entries per category. The Regional DILG and DICT officers will encourage and help advise LGUs on the categorization of their entries and of entry submission. Submissions are considered final.


The DGA is an annual search for best practices among local government units in utilizing information and communications technology (ICT) to efectively and efciently deliver its public services directly to its constituents and to its business stakeholders. The DGA Compendium is a printed collection of past DGA winners. It hopes to serve as a tangible inspiration for innovative and transformative good governance. The DGC is a project that aims to provide learning sessions and caravans for both the national and regional level. Along with its other components, it has the larger goal of inspiring the integration of ICT-forward programs and services of local government units.

DICT, together with DILG and NICP, hopes that, through the AGILE Program, LGUs grow to be more empowered to improve and enhance their services for their constituents. In a fast-paced and ever-evolving society, innovators and tech-leaders lead the path to a more inclusive, efcient and productive community.

NICP, the partner of DICT, is the recognized national organization of ICT Councils in the Philippines. Our organization serves as the venue for collaboration and sharing of best practices for our member organizations. Through the years, our organization has served as the unified voice for the Philippine Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Sector. NICP work tirelessly to promote ICT all throughout the country and support each of the councils endeavors in order to help strengthen the ICT in their areas and create more jobs for the Filipinos. See

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OBJECTIVES - To highlight and encourage the effective and efficient utilization of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in the delivery of services and performance of the duties and responsibilities by local government units (LGUs). - To share and replicate innovative practices, and commend, collate and document LGUs in integrating ICT in their processes to serve as example and benchmarks to other LGUs. It will serve as a good resource material for the Digital Cities Caravan. - To improve the business development, social services and the general ecosystem of the LGUs and motivate the private and business sector to actively participate and/or invest in the growth of the LGUs. - To promote citizen’s responsibility and participation as well as accountability, efficiency and transparency in governance responsibility and encourage innovation.

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Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) (DICT)

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Philippines Government

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National ICT Confederation of the Philippines (NICP) President Dr. Mary Joy Abueg