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Category 1 — AL C1. The role of governments and all stakeholders in the promotion of ICTs for development (5 Projects)

BAKTI DNA Ecosystem
BAKTI KominfoIndonesia

BAKTI DNA Ecosystem connects universal service areas through the various infrastructure developments from BTS network, free internet access, and satellites of the Republic of Indonesia . BAKTI optimizes the infrastructure and participates in developing a… more »

Civil servant process digitalization
General personnel council Palestine

Project goal is to convert all civil servant processes and procedures to be executed through digital systems and platforms -Improve governance Make our processes accessible to citizens with disabilities by adding digital accessibility tools -Establish… more »


Govdirectory is a crowdsourced and fact checked directory of official governmental online accounts and services. It is meant to be a resource for concerned citizens, activists, journalists and anyone who wants to get in contact with public organizations … more »

National Youth Cyber Awareness Program
UAE Cyber Security CouncilUnited Arab Emirates

The initiative has ignited a digital revolution, transforming families and communities into strongholds of cyber awareness and responsible online behavior. These programs vary between the awareness program of Young Women in Cyber all the way to future lo… more »

The National Data Bank (NDB) and Estishraf
Saudi Data & AI Authority Saudi Arabia

Most government organizations have limited access to the much-needed, high quality cross government data assets and always struggle to discover and get hold of those trusted data assets to generate actionable insights. To address these pain points, SDAI… more »