Rules and Guidelines

  • All projects must be submitted through the online questionnaire.
  • For each project submission only one category should be selected, out of 18 categories.
  • Each entity could submit one project per each category
  • The same project may not be submitted twice.
  • All details requested in the questionnaire should be completed strictly respecting the type of stakeholder and the structure of the submission template. The incomplete submissions will not be accepted. Minimum number of words requested should be respected as requested in questionnaire.
  • All projects submitted to this competition should cover work that is completed or at the end of a major phase in order to provide evidence of results and impact on society.
  • The Short Description of the project will require minimum 150 words and maximum 200 words and this will be crucial information presented to the public Online Voting. Be advised to structure the Short Description of the project in order to reflect relevant, clear and attractive information to voters, highlighting ICT component and social impact.
  • Besides short description of the project, the Submission Form will also request the following information in separate boxes:
    • Provide examples of linkages between the WSIS Action Line the project has with each of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) it helps advance
    • Describe qualitative and quantitative economic, social and environmental impact of the project
    • Highlight the project’s partnership activities
    • List main challenges and project’s future perspectives
  • The project submission deadline should be strictly respected. Late submissions will not be accepted.
  • Projects should be submitted in English only.
  • Winning projects of previous WSIS Prizes contests are not eligible to participate in the contest.

  1. The submission should be complied with rules for project submission. The requested information in the template should respond to all questions and provide detailed information on the goals, time-frame, project's added value and importance, results and challenges. Minimum number of words requested should be respected as requested in the questionnaire.
  2. It should highlight the relevance of the project to the respective WSIS Action Line as referenced in the Geneva Plan of Action.
  3. The project description should clearly demonstrate the following:
    • the results achieved and impact generated
    • community empowerment
    • relevance to SDGs
    • ability of the model to be replicated
    • sustainability of project
    • partnerships development
    • promotion of WSIS values in the Society

  1. The first five most voted projects are selected based on the appreciation/voting of projects by WSIS stakeholders representing WSIS online network. The stakeholders are invited to appreciate/vote for projects in all 18 categories.
  2. Only registered members of the WSIS Stocktaking Platform (STK) with requested complete information may vote for/appreciate a project. The information should contain organization details: name, type, country and user details: username and e-mail.
  3. Entities are not allowed to vote for/appreciate their own project.
  4. Votes/appreciations of all STK members are weighted equally.
  5. Each STK member may only vote for/appreciate one project in each category.
  6. Voters are encourage but not required to cast votes for one project in each of categories.
  7. Focal points of the submitted projects will be notified of the voting results progression at the end of each voting week.
  8. WSIS Stocktaking reserves the right to use the entity (organization) details submitted by stakeholders.

Voting phase has not yet started. It will be begin in 19 days from now.

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