Nominated Projects

Category 8 — AL C7. ICT applications: benefits in all aspects of life — E-business (20 Projects)

"Material Supermarket" Revitalization Solution for Enterprises and Institutions

In this project,adopting the advanced information technology and carrying out material supermarket management mode could effectively solve a series of problems of inefficient use of materials ,such as excessive sluggish inventory, insufficient internal a… more »


Al Tajir app is the first comprehensive mobile application in the region that offers eServices for business owners in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The app provides users with a range of eServices and transactions through a unified digital platform, including … more »

Digitalization is at the forefront of the Indonesian government’s priority, with context further given towards economic recovery as well as digital transformation. Due the Covid-19 Pandemic, in 2020 the Indonesian government is promoting massive digitiza… more »


BookFusion is a global ebook platform that gives publishers and authors direct control of their rights and digital content, while enhancing the reader's experience through interactive and responsive features and socially engaging tools. Now it's easier t… more »

Data Integration with governmental organizations and business alliances

Public Authority for Social Insurance (PASI) aimed to provide digitalized services to its clients. Reaching such a goal emphasized PASI to enlarge it is data and not depend only on the data they own, nor, duplicate the effort of collecting the data held … more »


Delivereo, is a mobile application developed under the concept of a collaborative economy, which allows users to access a messaging service, home delivery, and intelligent shopping service. With this application you can make express deliveries of Documen… more »

Development and Application of a Blockchain-based Distributed Digital Asset System

Based on the technical and ecological advantages of China Mobile's blockchain application services, the project focuses on providing secure and stable underlying chain facilities, superior performance on-chain services, and functional solutions. By carry… more »

Digital Solution for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Project

In Ghana, SMEs contribution to employment and poverty reduction cannot be underestimated. With over 70% of Ghanaian businesses categorized as MSMEs and contributing about 70% and 80% to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Employment respectively, one ca… more »

Digitalize Vendor Bank Account Verification Process using Artificial Intelligence to Detect Suspicious Activities

Digitalize Vendor Bank Account Verification Process using Artificial Intelligence to Detect Suspicious Activities The purpose of the project is to enhance and strengthen the security of vendors’ bank accounts management process, we will develop an engine… more »

DINARAK Mobile Money Female Agent Network

Dinarak is a Mobile Payment Services Provider in Jordan, fully licensed by the Central Bank of Jordan and connected to the national switch for mobile payments (‘JoMoPay’). The company’s mobile payment services are tailored primarily to benefit the financ… more »

E-Commerce Platform

The resounding success of e-Marketplaces such as alibaba and eNAM in China and India respectively connecting small and medium enterprises as well as individuals to the Global Marketplaces had provided the impetus for FAMA to revitalize its aspiration in … more »

eKadaiBrunei.Bn is a directory website that connects the general public and businesses to local eCommerce Platform, eCommerce Vendors, logistic and delivery services. The website serves as a business matching platform between local businesses in adopting… more »

Industrial Portal Services

A smart interface designed to support investors in the industrial sector. The Industrial Services Platform allows completing all transactions pertaining to an industrial project in its various stages, as per the following: Establishment stage: This stage… more »

Life is Simple with Digital Technologies

Türk Telekom makes information technologies available for everyone for sustainable economic growth and social development in every corner of Turkey. The focus motivation is to provide inclusive, equal and safe access and use of ICTs for all. "Life is Sim… more »


The Government of Belize through the Financial Services Commission set out to modernize and transform business registration in Belize by reforming business registration and adapting technology to deliver digital registry services to the public and digiti… more »


Sakani is a housing program created in 2018 with the aim of improving Saudi families’ access to housing. Sakani helps families to own their first home by providing financing services and multiple package options with a wide range of services related to i… more »

Simplified import customs declarations for any natural person who receives postal or courier shipments from a non-EU country

Simplified import customs declarations for postal items has been introduced for clearance of low-value postal items from countries outside the EU: the client can complete customs formalities when it is convenient and without a service fee. Thanks to this… more »

TradeTrust - A Trust Network for Trading Partners

TradeTrust, is a framework that comprises globally accepted standards to enable trusted interoperability of electronic trade documents across parties (business and government alike), and is offered open-source (free) as a public good to any and all parti… more »

Twiga Foods

Twiga builds fair and reliable markets for agricultural producers and retailers through transparency, efficiency and technology. Twiga Foods Ltd is a business-to-business marketplace platform that sources produce directly from farmers and delivers it to … more »


Today more than 3Billion people still do not have internet access. On the other hand, there are 4 Billion Internet users worldwide. A third of them is served by small Internet Service Providers (ISPs). There are 5 million small ISPs globally, especially … more »