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Digital Land Tax


The people of Bangladesh largely depend on land for their livelihood, social norms, and economic activities. But unfortunately most of the people here have to go to the Union Land Offices with great difficulties to pay land tax. It costs them money and wastes their time. Also in most cases their tax is not taken on various pretexts, rather they are often harassed. Due to these reasons, many people do not show interest in paying land tax in time. As a result, government's revenue is not being earned as desired. After all, it is often said that the general public bear a negative impression about land tax and land office as well.

Under this backdrop, Ministry of Land has digitized land tax payment system to alleviate their suffering and harassments and to radically change their attitude towards land tax payment. Landowners from anywhere in the world, can now pay land tax online. This system has reduced the time, cost, and visit of the citizens. People are gradually becoming more accustomed to the new system which has increased transparency and reduced their inconvenience. Furthermore, automatically collected land tax has increased drastically providing huge revenue for government budgeting.

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  • AL C7. E-government 2022
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  • Goal 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions

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Digital land tax initiative simplified the path of paying land tax to reduce the harassments of landowners. The other countries with similar land context can replicate the concept with customization. Although this initiative has not yet been transferred to other revenue collection initiatives, there are chances for its customized replication. The Southern countries with the same context as Bangladesh might be willing to replicate under the south-south cooperation.


Digital land tax initiative is socially and economically sustainable and viable because it does not require any external financial, technical and manpower support since its inception. Since citizens are able to save their resources, i.e. time, costs and visits to land offices, this initiative has become more popularized and further accepted for its easy use. Mobile-based internet system is quite enough to run the system. Most importantly, the users of digital land tax system are already well-trained and are motivated to further train new incumbents. This initiative is also environmentally friendly as it has ensured paperless office.

WSIS values promotion

This project promotes WSIS values in several ways. First, it harnesses the potential of ICT to promote SDGs. Second, it utilizes information society where information is shared with everyone. Third, it minimizes digital divides as it uses call centre agents who do not need internet connection.

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Ministry of Land

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Bangladesh Government

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