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Emirati School Smart Learning Ecosystem


The MOE has embarked on an innovative and ambitious project of defining and implementing a complete ecosystem for education, which will target all administrative, teaching and learning activities, and will also include employees, students and parents. The Integration continues to target the Ministry, and its representative, in the ability to organize, monitor and control the full education process at all levels. Introducing enhancements to streamline, integrate and share data across core systems. Therefore, allowing to apply big data and artificial intelligence techniques on this information to optimize the entire MOE education organization.
The key component parts of the MOE Ecosystem are as follows:
• Ecosystem Integration – the main systems used in the MOE which are Al Manhal Student Information System and WINJIGO (the core learning platform for teaching and learning) are integrated with other providers (Assessment, Curriculum, Collaboration MS Teams, etc. to provide one single access for the users to perform their critical activities with a rich user-friendly experience.
• LMS Container - To provide seamless experience for educators and by integrating and connecting content and sub-components content providers to maximize the students gain from resources available with seamless experience to act as one single system in front of students and educators.
• Gifted and Talented - MOE aims to develop intelligent system that can support in all aspects of `Gifted and Talented’ education. To identify and to offer targeted and tailored education services in order to optimize their development.
• Adaptive Learning - will enable students to master their skills through improving learning process where acquired knowledge is consolidated over an extended period.

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Action lines related to this project
  • AL C4. Capacity building
  • AL C7. E-learning 2022
Sustainable development goals related to this project
  • Goal 4: Quality education

  • United Arab Emirates



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Target beneficiary group(s)
  • Youth
  • People with disabilities


MOE Eco-system is utilizing international education standards to provide seamless integration between all the education tools in the eco-system in a pluggable way that can optimize the time, effort and cost to integrate any new education solution in the eco-system easily. The Ecosystem is designed to enable access for all learning content to be easily accessible from one stop shop which is the ministry learning management system and make sure that all the student interactions (learning events) are recorded in a centralized repository (LRS) and support continuous assessment to take place in any platform but at the same time having its feedback shared back to the Learning Management System to consolidate all assessment and its grades in one place


MOE Eco-system provide an interoperability feature with all IMS global standards that shows how the ecosystem is ready with plugs-ins to connect to any 3rd party educational platform that could leverages the teaching and learning.

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The MOE Ecosystem offers an advanced smart learning experience to UAE students and delivers a holistic learning experience. The EcoSystem is designed to cover the complete cross systems functional integration; therefore, students end to end journey can be fully enriched. The ecosystem includes communities that use shared, scalable resources to pursue challenging objectives and common interests. The ecosystem is about dynamic interactions between people, software, data, systems and services. The ecosystem empowers both educators and students with inter-connected tools and systems. By creating and implementing an integrated and interconnected ecosystem this allows the MOE to deliver a holistic learning experience and: • Define the functions and the source systems with integration of the required data between systems and improving the user experience. Providing a unified user experience with segregation by role to help minimize the navigation between systems and maximize the efficiency of the system as whole. • Define the source system and owner of data to be replicated in a master repository providing a single source of truth. • Unifying the system and the data allows improved visibility and more efficient decision making by the main stakeholders. • A unified database allows to share and consolidate the data coming from all systems. The unified event bus allows to process this data in real time for AI applications to maximize the learning potential. In addition, with the support of the UAE government the UAE MOE intends to implement the ecosystem in under-developed countries or countries needing additional educational support.

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Ministry of Education (MOE)

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United Arab Emirates Government

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