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Targeted poverty alleviation management based on GIS and location big data analysis


*projects’ objective
To help low-income people in underdeveloped areas:scientifically and reasonably plan production and development projects, achieve sustainable and high-quality development, improve income level and quality of life, move towards common prosperity.

* the relevance of the project to the respective WSIS Action Line as referenced in the Geneva Plan of Action
Poverty eradication is a worldwide problem, a lofty ideal of all mankind, and a challenge faced by people all over the world. The project actively explored targeted poverty alleviation research based on big data analysis. The project is in line with the WSIS Action Line as referenced in the Geneva Plan of Action reference-” helping the poor”.

* the results achieved and impact generated
At present, the project has been piloted and popularized in Tieling City, Liaoning Province, China, and has helped more than 40000 people out of poverty.

* relevance to Sustainable Development Goals
The project is to improve the government's ability to help the poor through through big data information technology, and is committed to the balanced and coordinated development goal of narrowing regional development differences and moving towards common prosperity, which is consistent with the sustainable development goals.

* ability of the model to be replicated
In the construction stage of the project, the standardization, unification and asset management of various data were fully considered. The project is easy to be replicated for the model and service have used the standard open API service output.

* sustainability of project
The project has combined the current development status of poor areas and China's social development trend, planed the project support route according to different stages, and continuously injected big data wisdom into government affairs. The project has good sustainability.

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Action lines related to this project
  • AL C3. Access to information and knowledge 2022
Sustainable development goals related to this project
  • Goal 1: No poverty
  • Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth

  • China



Start date

January 2021

End date

Not set

Target beneficiary group(s)
  • The poor


The project has gathered telecom operator data and government data, based on artificial intelligence, big data modeling and analysis, GIS services and other technologies, to promote the implementation of government poverty alleviation projects and help people get rid of poverty and move towards common prosperity. The data and technology required by the project have international common versions, which are highly replicable.


According to the sustainability goal, the project has promoted targeted poverty alleviation in three stages. Stage 1, through the distribution correlation analysis of government poverty alleviation projects and the poor population, better located the landing area of poverty alleviation projects; Stage 2: identified the living needs and production development needs of the poor, scientifically improved productivity and achieve common prosperity; Stage 3: through big data analysis, the living needs and production development needs of the poor could be balanced to achieve sustainable and high-quality development.

WSIS values promotion

Through big data and AI technology, the project has built a new model of targeted poverty alleviation combined with "government, poor people and telecom operator". This model made a fine correlation between the government's Poverty Alleviation Policies, assistance projects and the situation of poverty alleviation objects. By identifying the coupling degree between the living needs of the poor and the production development capacity, the project helped the poor master the living demand market, reasonably promote the productivity in combination with their own advantages, realize poverty alleviation and prosperity.

Entity name

China Mobile Information Technology Co.,Ltd; China Mobile Communications Group Liaoning Co., Ltd

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China Private Sector

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China Mobile(Shanghai) ICT Co., Ltd AsiaInfo Technologies Co., Ltd