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Category 5 — AL C5. Building confidence and security in use of ICTs (5 Projects)

ASAN Bridge - National Information Exchange System
E-GOV Development CenterAzerbaijan

The National Information Exchange System “ASAN Bridge” provides coordination of state information resources and systems, as well as fast, stable, and secure exchange of information between those resources and systems. In addition, the “ASAN Bridge” has c… more »

Cyber Safety program
Ministry of Communications and Information TechnologyQatar

"The cyber safety program aims to affirm a culture of Cybersafety and security through increasing awareness for children, students, parents and the general public. The program ensures fostering healthy cyber safety culture in which everyone has the know… more »

Cybersecurity Challenge
the National Cybersecurity Authority Saudi Arabia

Cybersecurity is one of the most important technical sectors today in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the fastest growing in the world. It is expected that there will be a rapid growth in the demand for cybersecurity services and products due to the incr… more »

Digital Mobile Key
Administrative Modernisation AgencyPortugal

The Digital Mobile Key (DMK) is the national mobile eID solution, provided by the Administrative Modernisation Agency (AMA), which serves to authenticate national and foreign citizens when accessing online services. Besides the citizen’s phone, whose num… more »

En TIC Confío+
Ministerio de las Tecnologías de la Información y las ComunicacionesColombia

It is a program of the ICT Ministry of Colombia, with a 10 years history in the national territory, led by the ICT Appropriation Directorate. It promotes the use and appropriation of internet as an opportunity for activism and positive footprint in digit… more »