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Category 15 — AL C8. Cultural diversity and identity, linguistic diversity and local content (5 Projects)

Leti ArtsGhana

Afrocomix is a content hub for all Afrocentric creative work made by Africans on the continent to provide a one stop shop for people all over the world who love African content while focusing on monetization, social integration and fixing the issue of fr… more »

Art and Technology for Climate Change and Green Social Entrepreneurship
GEM InstituteLesotho

Creating an ecosystem of value chain support in ICT, Creative Innovation among youth, schools and the farming community to adopt ICT4Agriculture to optimise using ICT as a entrepreneurship capacity building on ICT driver needed to optimise e-business, pr… more »

Global Teens MeetUps

Global Teens Program was created as a branch program of the Global Competence Online Project to give more support to all the students who have been studying from home during COVID-19, as well as support their families by running these weekly free Global … more »

Interactive City Guide "Discover Moscow"
The Moscow Department of Information TechnologiesRussian Federation

Discover Moscow is an interactive guide around Moscow, launched in a mobile app, available on App Store and Google Play The Project helps popularize Moscow's cultural sites, attract the attention to the importance of k… more »

Tainacan and Museums Project
Ministry of CultureBrazil

Tainacan is a digital platform baptized from an indigenous legend originating from the Carajás peoples. The Ministry of Culture, the Brazilian Institute of Museums (Ibram) and the Federal University of Goiás have developed the Tainacan platform for the m… more »