Nominated Projects

Category 9 — AL C7. ICT applications: benefits in all aspects of life — E-learning (20 Projects)

I learn the same (Aprendo Igual)

The face-to-face suspension of classes worldwide due to the COVID 19 pandemic, led to the search for alternative solutions for the continuity of learning and training, based mainly on new technologies. In San Luis, we faced this challenge because we have… more »

Taleemabad - Making education come to life

During school closures, education can be kept alive through digital means. Out of the 70.9 million children in Pakistan, nearly 40.4 million have access to television, and 24.5 million have latent access, i.e. digital access through a parent's mobile pho… more »

AR Apps during COVID-19 pandemic for Countrywide Elementary School Students

The project is to provide Augmented Reality (AR)-based mobile applications to improve the quality of learning in K-6 schools during the COVID-19 pandemic, by bridging AR technology and education for more than 8,000,000 elementary students all over the co… more »

Attaa initiative - Kulana Attaa (كلنا عطاء)

Technology today has great importance in our lives. It has facilitated human life and increased efficiency, productivity and facilitation of transactions. Technology has become an indispensable foundation in most countries today. With the great developme… more »

Computer Shiksha

Today we face a tremendous range of unmet needs related to health, education, food security and energy use. Having made considerable strides in improving access, efforts are now being made to improve the quality of education. As of the 2001 Census, there… more »

Data Lesson

"Data Lesson" is a non-profit educational project for schoolchildren, organized jointly by the leading companies of the Russian digital economy with support of the public sector. The project is the result of the mutual desire of the public and private se… more »

Digital Solidarity Portal

"The Office for Information Technologies and eGovernment launched the Digital Solidarity Portal, available at, intended to improve the quality of life to all those who are staying at home due to the novel coronavirus pande… more »

Education in Network (Educação em Rede)

Nova Escola, in partnership with Facebook, carried out a number of online training courses and furthered exchange experiences on the use of technology for mediation of educational processes in a remote context. The project created a support network so th… more »

Effects of employing an interactive educational website in developing the athletic strength of 6th grade female students in Gaza

Target group: Sixth grade students in Al-Rafidain Basic School B in the West Gaza District Research objectives: 1- Identify the mathematical power operations to be acquired for sixth grade students in Gaza 2- Detect the effect of the interactive educa… more »

Expanding Access to High-Impact Social, Economic Education Resources across Africa during COVID-19

"Intelsat and Mindset Network NPC, an award-winning developer and distributor of educational materials in Africa, announced they have formally extended their partnership to ensure students, out-of-school youth, teachers, healthcare professionals and pati… more »


iMlango is an award-winning education programme working in rural Kenyan communities. iMlango works to improve education outcomes in maths, literacy & life skills for 180,000 children in 245 schools. The programme delivers access to educational technology… more » 2021

The platform helps anyone involved in elementary and secondary school mathematics by providing a non-text based computer interface to locate resources, definitions, content development, examples, practice activities, homework and enrichment… more »

Mision TIC 2022

An analysis conducted by (McKinsey & Company, 2017) indicates that, "Colombia has a digital talent gap that would reach 160k-265k jobs in 2025, where 68k-112k would correspond to software developers." Misión TIC 2022 is a program aimed to train 100,000 C… more »

Moscow Electronic School

MES is a project for teachers, children, parents, creating the high-technology education environment in Moscow schools using “all-in-one” principle: the entire educational cycle is established on one digital platform. MES also helps disabled children bec… more »

Our Girls Our Future

Yielding Accomplished African Women is a non-profit organization on an ambitious mission. They aim to bridge the gender economic gap in Africa by providing a college to career pipeline for young African women. They are building the largest community of A… more »

Robotbenchmark: a tool for teaching robotics on the web

Robotbenchmark is a free web service allowing anybody to get his hands on 3D simulated robots. A series of about 10 robotics challenges is proposed to the visitors with an increasing difficulty. In each challenge, participants have to program a robot to … more »

Tigo Eschools Platform

"Tanzania has approximately more than 14 Million pupils in pre and primary school level and more than 7 Million students in secondary school enrolled in school (UNESCO 2016), who are out of school due to the pandemic. Even before the pandemic crisis, we … more »

Turkcell Zeka Gucu / Turkcell Whiz Kids

With the Whiz Kids (Zeka Gücü in Turkish) project in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education, Turkcell aims to introduce Turkey's gifted students to technology to discover and develop their abilities at an early age. The facilities offered to… more »

WETECH Women's Innovation Center

Launched in April 2019, WETECH (Women in Entrepreneurship and Technology) is an innovation platform and center aimed at promoting and supporting African women in the fields of technology and entrepreneurship. WETECH provides a solution to the problem of … more »


WoMakersCode is the largest technology community in Brazil, with goal to strengthen female protagonism in IT, through professional and economic development. We have 14 local groups, where we organize meetups, technology career mentoring and free training… more »