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An application developed for children with mute-deaf parents. Hearing children raised by deaf-mute parents, from the very moment of their birth, suffer from severe communication problems with their family or the society. Early on, there may be thoughts of alienation. These conditions can affect the deaf-mute offspring's personality. Our innovation is unique and significant from other apps because our is free when for others you have to pay money, not all people can pay for things like apps, when they have many more necessary things to pay for. We reckon, that this issue is not getting as much attention as it should. We aim to create an app, that provides children alike with advanced courses to help them to develop communication skills to have contact with their parents and people of any kind. Our innovation includes both sign language and talking sessions. Talking sessions are split into 3 levels: A1; A2 and B1. Each level has different vocabulary difficulties so that the user can experience progress throughout the process. This program offers variety of techniques based on the needs of the user, this means, that the levels are divided into two parts each: basic communication and interesting communication. Sign language operates off of video lessons, which are pre-recorded. The consumer learns both types of communication skills. This app is a speaking bot, which provides the user with live experience, like talking to the children, asking them how their day went and et cetera. Basic communication section teaches general talking phrases, questions and makes the person feel appreciated and not left out. (we are a group and the applicant that submitted this form is our leader and the only person above 18 years of age. we hope that our age won't create any problems and it will be accepted)

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Action lines related to this project
  • AL C4. Capacity building 2021
  • AL C7. E-health
Sustainable development goals related to this project
  • Goal 4: Quality education
  • Goal 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions

  • Georgia



Start date

December 2020

End date

Not set

Target beneficiary group(s)
  • People with disabilities





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Entity name

Contemporary Education Academy

Entity country—type

Georgia Private Sector

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