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ServicePlus - A metadata based eService Delivery Framework


ServicePlus is versatile application which acts as a framework for ensuring integrated eService Delivery. It offers exclusive platforms for service definition and service consumption. Being a low-code/no-code (LCNC) development platform, it allows the service owner to dynamically generate various forms, process and combine them together to generate an end-to-end service.
ServicePlus is a visual integrated development environment (IDE) which augments the service definer to customize and organize the application components, connect them together and create a web/mobile application. This modular approach allows the stake holders who are not software developers, to build, test and launch applications quickly. It can be categorized as a generic, configurable, metadata-based framework. It offers multi-tenancy wherein each tenant (the department or local self government) can configure their services as per their requirement. ServicePlus ensures the highest degree of scalability, reliability and flexibility.
It is a powerful tool that strengthens good governance and empowers the citizen to avail services online. It reduces the gap between service provider and service seeker by facilitating information exchange wherever required. ServicePlus promotes transparency and accountability in the working of service providers as well as service seekers.

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Action lines related to this project
  • AL C2. Information and communication infrastructure
  • AL C7. E-government
  • AL C7. E-business 2021
Sustainable development goals related to this project
  • Goal 1: No poverty
  • Goal 2: Zero hunger
  • Goal 3: Good health and well-being
  • Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth

  • India



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Target beneficiary group(s)
  • Youth
  • Older persons
  • Women
  • Indigenous and nomadic peoples
  • People with disabilities
  • The unemployed
  • The poor
  • Migrants
  • Refugees and internally displaced people
  • Remote and rural communities
  • Any service providers as well as service seekers


ServicePlus being a framework, allows any level of stakeholder to rollout their services through configurable interfaces. This enables the application to be replicated vertically as well as horizontally. ServicePlus allows multitenancy and thus a single instance can be used by multiple service owners to configure their service without any dissuasion from others. Moreover, it offers the flexibility to create multiple replicas in a variety of locations.

In India, the project has been replicated in 21 locations.


ServicePlus is a futuristic project developed using latest open source technologies which are widely used.
System is nearly 100% sustainable with respect to technology and implementation. The modular approach allows plug and play components to be incorporated to the system without much effort. The system support major/minor versioning to manage future additions/modifications. Functionality additions are offered as generic pluggable interfaces. This allows the existing stakeholders to absorb any new functionality in their services through version updates.
The system is capable of adhering to any single codebase to ensure interoperability which obviously widens the scope of sustainability.

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ServicePlus is envisaged to bridge the huge gap between service providers and service seekers. It is intended to provide a platform to augment government machineries to implement various schemes which ensures social security, poverty eradication and quality of life. ServicePlus ensures safe and secure data exchange between other service delivery applications. Any service owner can extract the data related to their services in a machine readable format and can be used for any purpose of their choice. This, in conjunction with the capacity to hold a single codebase ensures interoperability. Thus the project promotes the usage of data for various customized analytical purpose which could be used for the upliftment of society.

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National Informatics Centre (NIC)

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India Government

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