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e-Justice for Citizen Mobile Application


Signed many reforms within the scope of a trusting and accessible justice approach, The Ministry of Justice of Turkey has also facilitates access to justice services by using the opportunities of technology. Accessing to case files brought into mobile platforms via the application called by “e-justice for Citizen”. With the new application prepared for Android and IOS, citizens will be able to have immediate information about open or closed files in judicial and administrative jurisdictions and see their contact information registered in UYAP (National Judicial Network Project) Information System.
Via e-justice Citizen App, citizens can see all their judicial information registered in UYAP Information System because the application prepared in a comprehensive manner. Citizens can see e-mail, phone and address information from the contact information shortcut within the application and make them updates if necessary. In the application menu, they have the opportunity to query their files by filtering the judiciary type, judicial unit, file status, file year and file order. Also they have knowledge about the current status of their files in the judicial unit. By means of “My Hearings” menu, citizens can see detailed information about the hearing and viewing day in terms of hours, days, months and years. With the agenda menu, they can see the developments related to the file on the days that are listed monthly on the mobile device’s agenda, and when they select any relevant day from agenda, they can see all the progress is related to that day.
Thanks to the e-Justice Citizen application, citizens have time limited access to their case and hearing information. It is provided to save labor and labor force of court officials and call center agents. With this mobile apps it is expected significantly decrease of the workload onto the information channels will as considering CIMER (Presidential Communication Center) applications are mainly about “What are my cases which are currently continue on judicial units.

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  • AL C7. E-government 2020
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  • Goal 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure

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Thanks to e-Justice Mobile Application access to justice services by using the opportunities of technology has become easier and faster. One of the specific targets stated in the strategic plans of the Ministry of Justice of Turkey has been also achieved related to the demands of citizens with the target audience to access information to the judiciary and access to information as soon as possible and also their requests to use public services via e-government by the e-justice Citizen apps.

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Ministry of Justice of Turkey General Directorate of IT (MoJ)

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Turkey Government

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