WSIS Prizes Contest 2020 Nominee

Big Data Platform of Universal Service for Targeted Poverty Alleviation


The Big Data Platform of Universal Service for Targeted Poverty Alleviation (the “Platform”) innovates applications of ICT-enabled information collection, big data analytics and visualization technologies to provide an effective tool for government capacity building in scientific decision-making and improved performance in order to achieve Targeted Poverty Alleviation Goals.
After more than three years of hard work, 130,000 administrative villages in China have been covered by the Platform, benefiting millions of rural households, which proven that the project has a strong replicable nature and can be promoted in a wider scope. The Platform is capable of sensing broadband availability accurately linked to individual households in real time.
As a result, it improves government efficiency, promotes scientific policy-making and precise industry regulation, guarantees the rights and interests of rural broadband users, and helps benefit the general public from national strategic achievements. Well aligned with the sustainable development goals in terms of poverty reduction and fostering innovation, the Platform can be widely promoted and duplicated.

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Action lines related to this project
  • AL C7. E-government 2020
Sustainable development goals related to this project
  • Goal 1: No poverty
  • Goal 4: Quality education
  • Goal 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • Goal 10: Reduced inequalities
  • Goal 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions

  • China



Start date

January 2016

End date

June 2019

Target beneficiary group(s)
  • Youth
  • Older persons
  • Women
  • Indigenous and nomadic peoples
  • People with disabilities
  • The unemployed
  • The poor
  • Migrants
  • Refugees and internally displaced people
  • Remote and rural communities


We believe our engagement in WSIS Prizes to share this Platform for universal telecommunications service in China can have a global impact on the development of ICT infrastructure so that other governments may also use this solution to drive economy, education,health care and other sectors and benefit citizens around the world, especially those in remote and poor areas through universal and fair ICT services.

In addition, technical solutions provided by the project are less dependent on specific environmental background, widely applicable to various scenarios and highly transferrable and duplicable. It is our aim to promote such platform services on a global scale.


At present, the Internet and telecommunications network technologies are still in a stage of soaring development, suggesting remarkable sustainability of this Platform.
Our aim is to reach out to even more rural residents throughout China and strengthen cooperation with local governments and operators for greater adoption of rural Internet services and even 5G networks in the future.
We will continue to enhance the Platform's capabilities in service offering and automatic operation based on advanced artificial intelligence technologies. Drawing upon its results and massive data, we will further improve data analytics and reasoning capabilities of the Platform and develop more in-depth and comprehensive network performance analysis reports and optimization strategies. Customization will also be available to local governments and operators based on different characteristics of each region.

WSIS values promotion

The Platform leverages modern ICTs and is an effective tool to promote innovative government working methods, mechanisms and approaches and to help improve decision-making ability and government performance. The main objectives of the Platform are to grasp real-time information of broadband availability in pilot areas, carry out refined management, deep mining and comprehensive analytics based on big data, and support governments in improving work efficiency, precise policy implementation and precise management. The Platform has played an important role in motivating distance education, telemedicine, rural e-commerce and other public services as well as in rural poverty alleviation to increase farmers’ income and encourage migrant workers to return home and start their businesses. This is realized by automatically capturing broadband connectivity data on a periodic basis and adopting big data mining technology in promoting universal service pilots and upgrading the quality of broadband service in rural areas in China.

Entity name

China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT)

Entity country—type

China Academia

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