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CMHS Radio Caibarién

The objective of this project is to disseminate and report on what happens in the municipality of Caibarien, to this people and to the rest of the world through live audio. This project becomes a community radio project, bringing information related to t… more »

Digital Safety and Security for the Journalists in Bangladesh

The Media Sector in Bangladesh has grown considerably over the last 15 years. Presently, 44 television channels, 28 FM radios, 32 community radios, 1187 daily newspapers, and more than 100 online news portals are active. Most of the Journalists depend on… more »


Luchadoras has an online community of 100K followers, being 83% women mainly between 25 and 34 years old in countries like Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and the U.S. They’ve been awarded by Mexico City Prize and Mexico City Hu… more »

Talkshow Literasi Teknologi Informasi Komunikasi Suara Madiun ( ICT Literacy Talkshow Suara Madiun )

Information Technology Communication Literacy Talkshow was held to answer the information and editing needs of the older generation or digital urban.this generation is very vulnerable when facing technological security issues, information gaps and hoaxes… more »

Voices of Women Media

VOW Media wants to contribute to a world where women enjoy their basic rights and live with dignity, equality, and justice. It is a non-profit organization that is committed to providing women from marginalized communities with innovative media and techn… more »