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Category 14 — AL C7. ICT applications: benefits in all aspects of life — E-science (5 Projects)

Breast Cancer Classification CAD through Multilayer Neural Network
Multimedia UniversityMalaysia

This system employs Multilayer Neural Network for breast cancer classification. Through the employed algorithm, it can classify the medical images into benign, malignant cancer and normal patient without prior information regarding the images. It is desi… more »

GlamOre Tech for Females
University of Oxford AlumniUnited Kingdom

GlamOre works with female businesses who are actively engaged in CSR and knowledge-based projects. Its target are female scientists and inventors. Main objectives are support females' scientific research, projects and creative ideas to bring them to the … more »

High Performance Computing Facility for Lebanon
OGERO TelecomLebanon

In a collaborate effort between The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and the Ministry of Telecommunication / OGERO and a handful of major Universities in Lebanon, it was agreed to Install and Operate in Beirut-Lebanon the first HPC “High… more »

Open Data Policy and Portal
Ministry of Transport and CommunicationsQatar

The Government of Qatar announced the adoption of open government policy in 2014. Therefore, a project was initiated to establish an open data platform that would allow the agencies to release and manage their datasets as well as the recipients to discov… more »

Wikis, Education & Research
Universidade Aberta (Open University Portugal)Portugal

While it is true that people in general, and in particular pupils and students, as teachers, trainers and researchers, use Wikipedia, it is not yet clear what role it plays, or can play, for example, as a pedagogical strategy. Indeed Wikipedia is a key r… more »