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WashingTECH LLC is a boutique policy and communications consulting firm whose mission is to bridge U.S. media and technology policy with underrepresented communities around the world. We serve organisations across the tech sector who make social justice a central part of their mission. Our current clients include Google and Full Color Future. WashingTECH is an outgrowth of the WashingTECH Tech Policy Podcast, which Joseph Miller founded in 2015 as a side project to his full time job as a lawyer working in Washington D.C. The mission of the WashingTECH Tech Policy Podcast is to amplify diverse voices within the media and technology policy community. Over 144 episodes, WashingTECH has featured scholars, advocates, and others who work on issues related to technology and media public policy. Our guests have included guests from major universities including Stanford, Columbia, Yale Law School, and Howard University, as well as advocates and researchers from leading nonprofits and think tanks including the ACLU, Brookings, the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT), Pew Research Center, the Society of Women Engineers, and many other leading organizations. Our topics include Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Diversity & Inclusion, Education, Net Neutrality, Next Gen Wireless, Cybersecurity, Intellectual Property, Privacy, and several other issues.

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Action lines related to this project
  • AL C1. The role of governments and all stakeholders in the promotion of ICTs for development 2019
  • AL C2. Information and communication infrastructure
  • AL C6. Enabling environment
  • AL C9. Media
Sustainable development goals related to this project
  • Goal 4: Quality education
  • Goal 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure

  • Western Europe and North America



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  • Youth
  • Women


Since 2015, WashingTECH has been a part-time project which, with one employee, has affected its ability to scale. However, we are currently averaging approximately 1,022 unique downloads over 4 episodes per month (based on Apr-June Libsyn data), compared to 920 during the same period last year, and 768 unique downloads during April-June of 2016. We are in the process of scaling the podcast into a consulting firm and revising our forward-facing materials as such. We want the podcast to be the leading tech policy podcast *because* it leads on diversity, not the leading tech policy podcast focused on diversity. So we will be moving the podcast to, and switching the consulting firm to (currently is redirecting to the WashingTECH domain). Although our growth has been modest and incremental, we are proud of our success and especially the work of our guests.

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By connecting the dots between technology policy and social justice.

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