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Sand Movement Analysis


Sand movement in Saudi Arabia is a phenomena that affects most industries such as petroleum, transportation, agriculture and others. Saudi Aramco is a leader when it comes to safety and safe operations. The company spends millions on protecting its assets against sand encroachment. A better understanding of this phenomena would results in better decisions on how to deal with it, and minimize its effects on Saudi Aramco’s operations. Therefore, the company is utilizing remote sensing technology and geographical information science, to detect and monitor sand dunes encroachments, as well as, estimate their movement’s rate, direction and volume. The objective of this analysis is to assist operating facilities in achieving proactive protection of the company’s assets, and reduce costs by improving sand encroachment mitigation activities.

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Action lines related to this project
  • AL C1. The role of governments and all stakeholders in the promotion of ICTs for development 2019
Sustainable development goals related to this project
  • Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth
  • Goal 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • Goal 13: Climate action
  • Goal 15: Life on land

  • Saudi Arabia



Start date

01 September 2016

End date

30 June 2017

Target beneficiary group(s)
  • Remote and rural communities


The analysis employed in this project using Remote Sensing technology can be applied at desert areas where sand movement poses a threat to farming and communities inhabiting the desert.


This project helps predict sand and dunes movement to protect assets, communities, farming land and water resources from drought and sand encroachment.

WSIS values promotion

This project promotes the utilization of Remote Sensing and location based analysis tools in sustaining the living environment and protecting assets.

Entity name

Saudi Aramco

Entity country—type

Saudi Arabia Private Sector

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• Saudi Aramco IT/e-Map division • Saudi Aramco Northern Ghawar Producing Department