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Mobile Lawyer Information System


CELSE; in order to increase the variety of services that offered to lawyers and to enable the lawyers to follow up the proceedings more easily, in accordance with the requirements of the era, developed by the technical team of the Ministry of Justice of IT Department. The application is suitable on the Android and IOS versions are free of charge to all lawyers. Lawyers; after installing the application on their mobile phones, tablets, etc. the application can be used with the password required which has been created by the use UYAP Lawyer Portal Information System. The number of lawyers who are using the application has reached 32213 and this number is increasing rapidly.

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Action lines related to this project
  • AL C1. The role of governments and all stakeholders in the promotion of ICTs for development 2019
Sustainable development goals related to this project
  • Goal 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure

  • Turkey



Start date

05 April 2018

End date

Not set


Celse was developed in accordance with the requirements of the era and is being continuously developed in accordance with the feedback from last users.

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Celse is a sustainable project that fosters innovation.

Entity name

Ministry of Justice Turkey IT Department (MoJ)

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Turkey Government

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